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Do you think you know everything? Think again! We challenge you to finish the impossible quiz game. Good luck – you’re going to need it. But beware! The impossible quiz has earned it’s name for a reason and will test more than your knowledge on various topics. Here on, you can play the classical game for free without annoying ads. A lot of players thought they got what it takes. Do you? 

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About the game

The impossible quiz is an amazing game that has withheld the test of time. In a world where new games are launched each day, the game is still extremely popular, which says a lot. Especially considering its simplicity and the hundred thousand or million games, you can play online.

The impossible quiz history

The Impossible Quiz is a 2007 game created by Indie game-maker Splapp-Me-Do. The game was initially released as a 30-question-long demo in 2004. Still, after finding loyal fans and early success, the game was developed to include 110 challenging questions, puzzles, and mind-bending riddles.


  • Title: The Impossible Quiz
  • Author: Splapp-me-do
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Platforms: Browser


  • 110 unique questions
  • Fun graphics and sound effects
  • Sound on/off

How to play The Impossible Quiz

how to play the impossible quiz

It is very easy to start playing The Impossible Quiz. All you need to do is follow these three very simple steps.

2 minutes

Go to

Step one

First, you need to come to where you can play The impossible quiz game for free, without any ads!

Scroll to the subheading “Play The impossible quiz”

Step two

At the very top of the page, you will find the game under the subheading “Play The impossible quiz.” The game will load automatically, and you will see the text “ruffle” while it’s loading. When done, click the play button, and the menu will load.

Begin by pressing begin

Step three

Click the green Begin button and then click Start. You can turn off the music in the top left corner when the game has started.

the impossible quiz

The impossible quiz game

The Impossible Quiz is not a straightforward ‘question-and-answer’ game in the traditional sense, which is why it became so popular. The game has direct and clear rules: You are given three lives at the beginning of the game and have to answer all the questions correctly without losing all three lives. If you lose all three lives, then you have to start again. It does sound simple, but the ‘questions’ are often more like logic puzzles, with endlessly imaginative twists and presentation styles that give the game an addictive quality. You will want to know what’s coming next and if you have the mind to solve it.

It might be a simple concept, but The Impossible Quiz feels more like a game than a quiz. There are all sorts of surprise diversions from tradition within this ‘quiz,’ such as double word meanings, tricks, jokes, mazes, and mini-games within the questions. The fun presentation makes it seem like an excellent way to pass some time, but once you become interested, you get drawn into the concept. It’s no wonder it gained a strong following and got people talking and comparing notes about it. Sometimes the quiz really does seem impossible, and you are forced to think in unusual ways to progress. It remains entertaining, as even if you have to start again, you will find some changes as you go through the previous questions. Sometimes you will receive ‘Skips,’ power-ups that let you skip particular questions. You might want to save these until the later stages of the game. Also, watch out for bombs! You must be getting the idea by now. The Impossible Quiz makes the most of its unique status by mixing the fun and nostalgic elements of quizzes and wordplay with the capabilities of computer technology. The result is something that appeals to people of all ages and interests, striking a balance between ‘fun/compulsive’ and ‘interesting/educational’ in a way that few games achieve. To succeed at this game, you must think outside the box and expect the unexpected. Perhaps the best way to describe The Impossible Quiz comes from the developer’s words: “If you feel that you know the answer as soon as you read the question – you are doing it wrong.”

When first released, The Impossible Quiz was a considerable success, regarded as one of the most popular online games of the time. Seven months after releasing it, Splapp-Me-Do released the sequel, The Impossible Quiz 2, a similar but slightly longer game (120 questions) that features many improvements and developments over its predecessor. Over time, both games were recreated as mobile applications for iOS-powered devices and gained a much larger fan base.

The impossible quiz is a quiz that consists of questions that are impossible to answer. The aim of the quiz is… well, the objective is quite hard to pinpoint. The quiz is not for everyone, and if you think you can’t answer the questions, then you probably can’t. However, if you’re up for a challenge, this quiz is definitely for you. Good luck!

Warning spoilers ahead!

the impossible quiz answers & walkthrough

The impossible quiz answers and walkthrough

Are you looking for any of the The impossible quiz anserws? Then you my friend are at the right place! Many believe that the quiz is impossible to complete due to the difficulty level, randomness, and the fact that you only get three lives! So don’t dispear if your are stuck on any of the impossible quiz questions. There are a total of 110 difficult and sometimes weird and subjective questions and answers in the impossible quiz, and you can find all the answers right here.

So take a deep breath, relax, and let us help you get through this quiz. Below you will find all the answers, and we’ll walk you through the entire quiz, step by question. With our help, you’ll be able to get them through the whole quiz! Good luck!

What is the answer to Level 1?

The impossible Quiz Question 1

Answer: Four

Right from the start, you get a feeling of the nature of The Impossible Quiz with the first question: How many holes in a polo? 

The answer to the question is four, and the logic behind it is that the word “A POLO” contains four letters that have holes in them:

– A
– P
– O
– O

The “L” is the only letter not containing a hole.

A funny fact is that a polo shirt also contains four holes: The bottom, the collar, and the sleeves. 

Questions like this (starting with “how many holes in…”) are pretty standard in the impossible quiz series. Question numbers 100 and 30 in The Impossible Quiz 2 are like this.

In the introductory scene of the Impossible quiz Book, Chapter 2, you can see the Phlovomite King playing and struggling with the first question. 

What is the answer to Level 2?

The impossible Quiz Question 2

Answer: No, but a Tin can

The second question, “Can a match box?” is a pun asking if a match has the ability to box. The answer is: No, but a tin can with the answer also being a pun.

As you know, a tin can is made out of the material tin, but in this sentence, the meaning is that the “Tin can” as in “is able to” box.

What is the answer to Level 3?

The impossible Quiz Question 3

Answer: K.O – which is O.K backward

At first sight, the third question does not make any sense, and it looks like a bunch of jibberish; however, if you read the text backward from the bottom right to the top left, you will see that there is a question. It states: Answer this question backward. 

The answer is K.O, which of course, is O.K spelled backward, which is the only answer written backward.

What is the answer to Level 4?

The impossible Quiz Question 4

Answer: Click on: “The Answer”

The fourth question in The Impossible Quiz, “Click the answer,” is one of our favorite questions. It is a question that makes you think outside the box. Literally, since all the boxes are “out of order,” you need to look for the answer elsewhere.

This makes a lot of sense since if you consider the actual question, “Click the answer,” you should like the question state and click the word “answer” in the question.

What is the answer to Level 5?

The impossible Quiz Question 5

Answer: Click the Red dot, then move the mouse outside the screen without touching the blue background.

The fifth question is the first maze of the quiz. There are several other questions like this; if you are not prepared for it, it is easy to lose a life.

All you need to do is to drag the mouse cursor to the red Go-button, and the screen turns blue. The objective is to drag the mouse cursor to the
the other red button without touching the blue.

The easiest way to do this is to drag your cursor outside the game’s frame and go around it until you reach the other red dot.

Another way is to click the mouse button and drag it over the blue, although a lot of players consider this cheating (we won’t tell if you don’t tell).

What is the answer to Level 6?

The impossible Quiz Question 6

Answer: Shallots – which is the root (√)of the onion

Question number six is not a question and states “Onion” with the square root sign next and over it (√). One could say that the question is, “what is the square root of onion?” with the answer being Shallots.

A shallot is a type of onion with a milder flavor, with the logic being that it is a “lesser” version of the onion, just like the square root of a number is smaller than the number itself.

What is the answer to Level 7?

The impossible Quiz Question 7

Answer: An Elephant

“The answer is really big” question or statement is number seven in the quiz and gives you four choices:

– ANSWER ( written in big letters)
– Big
– The infinity symbol (∞)
– An Elephant

This is a very tricky question, with the correct answer being “An Elephant,” which is bigger than all the other options on the screen. 

The answer might also be a nod or homage to the meme that is a fake screenshot from the TV show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” where a woman answering the question ” Which of the following is the largest?” picking the answer “An elephant” over the moon.

What is the answer to Level 8?

The impossible Quiz Question 8

Answer: Click the “Yes” located under the “E” in “Search.”

Number 8 is an easy one to solve. All you need is a bit of patience. To solve this question, all you need to do is to find the word “Yes” written in green.

It is located almost directly under the letter “E” in the word “Search”.

What is the answer to Level 9?

The impossible Quiz Question 9

Answer: Top Right “That One” with the arrow pointing down to the left.

Do you remember question number 2? If not, fear not. The correct answer was “No, but a tin can” and was in the bottom left box. However, as you can see, the boxes with the answers to question number 9 have arrows going back and forth.

You should click the top right box with an arrow pointing toward the bottom left.

What is the answer to Level 10?

The impossible Quiz Question 10

Answer:  Click the Dentures (teeth)

Question 10 in The Impossible quiz states, “Choose food,” and shows five pictures of items non which is food. You can choose between:

– A yellow glove
– Dentures
– An eye
– A chair
– A pen

The correct answer is the picture of the dentures (the teeth).  

The question is inspired by question number 30 in The Impossible Quiz Demo (the first Impossible Quiz Game), but that question had many more options.

The reasoning is that “choose” sounds a lot like “chews.” So the meaning of the question at hand is: “chews food.”

What is the answer to Level 11?

The impossible Quiz Question 11

Answer: n

Question number 11 in The Impossible Quiz is the first one where you can use the skip button. But you should not use it because you need all the skips to finish the last question!

The question asks, “what follows December 2nd?” with four options:

– December 3rd
– n
– A question mark
– 142 dwarves

The answer is “n” since it is the letter that follows the words December. 

What is the answer to Level 12?

The impossible Quiz Question 12

Answer: The dot above the letter “i” in the question.

The 12th question in the game is a challenge. It states: “Click the smallest,” and you can see four blue circles on the screen. Do not click any of those!

As with most questions in the game, this is a sly one. It is true you should click the smallest circle; however, if you pay attention, the smallest circle is the one above the letter “i” in the word “CLiCK,” and this is the one you should click.

What is the answer to Level 13?

The impossible Quiz Question 13

Answer: F’TAANG

The 13 question asks, “what sound does a bell make?” with four options;
“Whoop”, “F’taang”, “Froon”, and “Blip-blop-bloop-banga-o-langa-woof, nubby-frrph 120,000 eckleck-ooo-looo-a-scap-babble-de booble wop.”. 

The correct answer is F’taang which is the one sound that sounds the most like a bell. At least according to the creator of the game.

Fun fact: Froon”, and “Blip-blop-bloop-banga-o-langa-woof, nubby-frrph 120,000 eckleck-ooo-looo-a-scap-babble-de booble wop. is the most extended answer available in the whole game!

What is the answer to Level 14?

The impossible Quiz Question 14

Answer: Torch

Question number 14 asks, “what can you put in a bucket to make it lighter” and is, as with so many other questions, a trick question.

The correct answer is Torch. It is a play of words as the question refers to lighter as in brighter (more light) and not to the weight of the bucket.

Fun Fact: This question was originally question number 24 in The Impossible Quiz Demo.

What is the answer to Level 15?

The impossible Quiz Question 15GIF

Answer: Type “Horse” using the blue on-screen keyboard 

The 15th question is a statement that spells out: Neigh! Whinny! You can see a black horse painted above an on-screen keyboard.

To solve the neigh whinny impossible quiz question, you need to use the on-screen keyboard and spell “HORSE,” which will make an arrow appear on the screen that you need to click to proceed.

The clue is the painted horse and the fact that “Neigh!” and “Whinny!” are sounds a horse makes.

What is the answer to Level 16?

The impossible Quiz Question 16

Answer: H

Question number 16 is yet another tricky question. “What is the 7th letter of the alphabet?”. To pass this question, you need to choose “H”. 

As you know, it is not the seventh letter of the alphabet (G is) but the 7th letter of the words “the alphabet.”

What is the answer to Level 17?

The impossible Quiz Question 17

Answer: Press the number 17 (the question number) 

Question number 17 does not only test your math skills. It tries if you have been paying attention to the nature of the tricky Impossible Quiz game we love. In true The Impossible Quiz fashion, the answer can’t be found in the answer boxes. 

The question is: 24-7 =? You have four options in the boxes:

– 18
– 2
– 16 931
– Walrus

Many instinctively choose 18; however, 24-7 is 17, so be careful! Instead, click the red 17 (the question number) in the left top corner.

What is the answer to Level 18?

The impossible Quiz Question 18

Answer: Press the hammer on the clock

Number 18 in The Impossible Quiz is a picture of a clock, and the text says “stop.”. At first glance, this can be a bit confusing, and it is. To solve this question, you need to click the hammer, which has replaced the number 9 on the clock.

This refers to the famous song “U cant touch this” by MC Hammer and, more specifically, to the lyrics “Stop, Hammer time!”. Since the hammer is painted on the clock, it is literally “hammer time.”.

What is the answer to Level 19?

The impossible Quiz Question 19GIF

Answer: Blue + Orange + Green + Green + Yellow

A lot of players don’t know how to color Boggy in the impossible quiz. It is one of the most tricky questions so far might be question number 19. The task is to paint a character named “BOGGY,” and you have seven colors to choose between. You can choose between red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. The trick is to color Boggy in the correct order.

How on earth should you know which colors to choose and in what order? The answer lies in the name Boggy with each letter signifying a color:

– B = Blue
– O = Orange
– G = Green
– G = Green
– Y = Yellow

Pretty obvious if you think about it since the rest of the colors start with letters that are not in Boggys name:

– Red = R
– Purple = P
– Pink = P

Letters that do not appear in Boggys name.

What is the answer to Level 20?

The impossible Quiz Question 20

Answer: Seal! ( As in seal the deal)

The 20th question of The Impossible Quiz asks: “Deal or no deal?”. You have four options to choose between:

– Deal!
– No Deal!
– Seal!
– No Seal!

The correct answer is “Seal!” with the logic being that you want to “seal the deal” which makes sense.

What is the answer to Level 21?

The impossible Quiz Question 21

Answer: Top left box. It will flash green, but you can click it whenever you want.

In question number 21, you need to pay attention. There is no question, just four pink blank option boxes. After a few seconds, one will flash green while the other will flash red. After that, they return to their standard pink color. The task changes to Now choose!

You need to choose the box that flashes green. It is the box in the upper left corner. 

What is the answer to Level 22?

The impossible Quiz Question 22

Answer: +1 Skip

Question number 22 in The Impossible Quiz states: The choice is yours, and four options:

+1 Life
-1 Life
+1 Skip

Let’s face it; you won’t get an extra life (you are playing The Impossible Quiz). There is no reason for you to choose to have a life deducted, and there is no chance on earth you can escape, so you are left with the +1 Skip, which is the correct answer. It makes sense, doesn’t it? At least in The Impossible Quiz universe.

What is the answer to Level 23?

The impossible Quiz Question 23

Answer: Bran

Question 23 is the same question as in The Impossible Quiz Demo game, where it is number 29. It states: Save changes to ‘untitled’?

This question is based on the process of saving a document in MS Paint. Yes, you read that correctly. When you try to close the program, it asks, “Save changes to untitled?”. Since when saving a file in MS Paint, you must give a name, the answer to this question is Bran. 

What is the answer to Level 24?

The impossible Quiz Question 24

Answer: Click the “V” in the word “LiVes” in the bottom left corner.

The 24th question in the game is the second question you can’t skip. The good news is that you can’t lose a life on this question since there are no wrong answers. But you still have to figure this one out. 

You are presented with a white screen with a box with different colors, like a rainbow. When you hover your mouse cursor over the colors, other letters appear. Each set of letters is only visible when your cursor is above the respective color in the small box. 

If you move your cursor fast from left to right, you can read the whole text that states: Click the ‘V’ in lives. All you need to do is to press the letter “V” in the bottom left corner of the word “Lives.”

What is the answer to Level 25?

The impossible Quiz Question 25

Answer: Shoe Polish 

Number 25 asks, “How do you kill a werewolf?” As you surely know, silver bullets can kill werewolves. If you don’t know this, you probably did not pay enough attention in school.

What you might not know is that some shoe polishes contain silver nitrate. Therefore Shoe Polish is the correct answer to this question.

What is the answer to Level 26?

The impossible Quiz Question 26

Answer: Arsefacey

Question 26 asks: Which of these place names doesn’t exist? In total, you can find seven options for this question as the roadsigns have seven different places. 

– Germansweek 
– Bitchfield 
– Arsefacey
– Blubberhouses
– Brown Willy
– Budd’s Titson
– Twatt

All of these places exist in the UK except Arsefacey, which is the one you should click to pass the question.

What is the answer to Level 27?

The impossible Quiz Question 27

Answer: Go to 28

The 27th question tests you and if you are paying attention to the game. You will notice that the question number in the top left corner has been replaced with a question mark. The question then states:

I hope you’ve been paying attention to the question numbers!

In the option boxes, you now have four options. 

– Go to 21
– Go to 26
– Go to 24
– Go to 28

Since this is question number 27 and assuming you want to continue to play, you need to choose “Go to 28” since it is the following question in line. 

What is the answer to Level 28?

The impossible Quiz Question 28

Answer: Abundance (A bun dance)

The 28th question consists is the first picture question in the game asking: What is this; with a cupcake dancing ballet? You have four options to the left:

– Fairy Cake
– Ballet Bun
– Abundance

The correct answer is “Abundance” since it is “A Bun Dance,” i.e., a bun that is dancing. 

What is the answer to Level 29?

The impossible Quiz Question 29

Answer: Egg Mayonnaise

The 29th question of The Impossible Quiz is taken from the Demo of the game, where it was question number 3. 

This one is almost impossible to know beforehand since it is the creators, Splapp-Me-Dos personal opinion. 

It asks; What flavor is cardboard? with four options as usual: Honey, Pork Scratchings, Egg mayonnaise, and Talc.

The correct answer is Egg mayonnaise since Splatt-Me-Do thinks it tastes like cardboard.

What is the answer to Level 30?

The impossible Quiz Question 30

Answer: Drag the mouse cursor through the tunnel.

The 30th question is not a question but a maze. On the screen, you will find a Go button. When you click the Go button, the screen turns green, and you must clear the maze without touching the green. 

Just drag your mouse within the white area to the second red button named: Next Question.

Hack: Like with similar questions in the quiz, you can click the mouse button and drag it over to the red button. This allows you to move freely, even the green parts, all over the screen.

What is the answer to Level 31?

The impossible Quiz Question 31

Answer: Woof. Woof. Woof. (the number of times the dog barks).

In question 31 of the game, we meet the well-known and popular character Badly Drawn Dawg for the first time, which makes several other appearances in The Impossible Quiz series.
There is no text or question; you can only see the dog and choose among four answers.

– Woof.
– Woof. Woof.
– Woof. Woof. Woof.
– Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof.

If you wait for a couple of seconds, the Badly Drawn Dawg will start barking and does this three times, which is the correct answer (Woof. Woof. Woof.).

What is the answer to Level 32?

The impossible Quiz Question 32

Answer: Babycham and Human Faeces (“Babycham”= “sham”, “faeces” = “poo”, which makes it shampoo)

The 32nd question of the quiz asks: What are the main ingredients of shampoo? Yet again, you are presented with four options: 

– Cricket Crap
– Babycham and human faeces
– Rocks and sausages
– Cats and whelks

The correct answer is Babycham and human faeces. The reason is that the word “Cham” in Babycham sounds a lot like: “sham” and the synonym for “faeces” is “poo”. When you combine the two, you get shampoo; therefore, the main ingredient of shampoo is Babycham and human faeces.

What is the answer to Level 33?

The impossible Quiz Question 33

Answer: 7

Question number 33 in The Impossible Quiz consists of a picture of a hand holding some letters and the question How many letters in his hand?

You can choose among 7,8,9, or 10. This question is tricky because you are being led to believe that you are supposed to count the letters that the hand is holding, which is 9. But this is not the case. 

The correct answer is 7. The question is not referring to the letters the hand is holding but to the number of letters in the words “his hand” which is seven letters. 

What is the answer to Level 34?

The impossible Quiz Question 34

Answer: Move your cursor to the left top corner above and to the left of the question number (34). Three elephants will march through the screen when your cursor is hidden there. The logic is that Elephants don’t like cursors since they represent your computer mouse on the screen.

A lot of players struggle with question 34 of the game. The good news is that it is the second sage question since there is no wrong answer. In other words, you can’t lose a life here. 

The picture on the screen shows a sign pointing toward a hole in the wall with the number 3 and an elephant head painted on it. The text states, “Elephants don’t like mice!”. 

To clear this level, you must move the mouse cursor away from the screen. You can place it in the top left corner of the game next to the volume button. When you do this, three elephants will stroll through the game and into the hole in the wall, and you, as a player, might be left confused about what’s going on.

But the logic behind the question is quite reasonable and funny. Elephants don’t like mice, and the cursor of your mouse is scaring them when it is on the screen. Thus removing it leaves a clear path for the three elephants to pass in the direction of the arrow.

What is the answer to Level 35?

The impossible Quiz Question 35

Answer: Wait 5 seconds and click the green smiling button that appears.

Question 35 requires a bit of patience. On the screen, a black button with a skull and crossbones will appear. Above it, it says: If you press this button, it’s game over. There are no other options for your to choose from.  

To solve this puzzle, all you need to do is to wait a couple of seconds. It is true that if you press the button with the skull, you will lose the game. However, if you stay a couple of seconds, a new text will appear: Alternatively… click this one to carry on. At the same time, the button will change color to a green color and a happy face painted on it. Just click the green happy button, and you will advance to the next level.

What is the answer to Level 36?

The impossible Quiz Question 36

Answer: A walk ( A fly without wings can’t fly, but it can walk therefore, it should be called “A walk”).

What do you call a wingless fly? It is the 36 question of The Impossible Quiz. You can choose among four answers:

– A Flap
– A Walk
– A Plum
– Jason

Since a fly is called a fly because it flies and because a fly without wings can’t fly but can walk, the correct answer is a walk.

What is the answer to Level 37?

The impossible Quiz Question 37

Answer: All answers are correct.

Question 37 is the third question in the quiz, where you can’t lose a life. Knowing this, the answer becomes relatively straightforward since the question asks: Can you get this question wrong? Your options are:

– No
– Nope
– No Way
– Of course not

If you are paying attention, you will notice that all the answers state the same thing but are phrased differently. Unlike other questions, this is not a trick but a fact that there is no wrong answer. 

What is the answer to Level 38?

The impossible Quiz Question 38

Answer: Mary Rose

The 38th question of the game states: Mary Rose sat on a pin. Initially, this question was question 20 in The Impossible Quiz Demo, but the options were a bit different. 

The question is a pun on the past tense form of “to rise” which, of course, is “rose”. Therefore the correct answer is Mary Rose. 

Mary Rose sat on the pin (and then she rose, i.e., got up).

What is the answer to Level 39?

The impossible Quiz Question 39

Answer: Cylindrical Adventures

Question 39 of the quiz is a picture or animation of a white cylinder with a face and legs. The answers you can choose from are:

– Cylindrical Adventures
– Right Here, Right Now
– Cough Drops
– Space: Serious Business

All of these are Flash animations made by Splapp-Me-Do. The correct answer is Cylindrical Adventures which is where the animation comes from.

What is the answer to Level 40?

The impossible Quiz Question 40

Answer: Press the left mouse button and hold it down. Drag the cursor over the maze to “Next Question”.

Question number 40 is another maze which makes it the third maze of the game. You must move your mouse to the red dot with the text “Go”.

When you do this, the maze will appear, which only consists of two white circles around the red buttons. The task changes to “Don’t touch pink! ” and a text appears at the bottom of the screen “Hmm… If only you had a bridge.”.

Since there is no “maze” to solve, you have two options:

You can click the mouse button and hold it while dragging it to the other button.
You can right-click the mouse button, which brings up the menu and then drag it to the other dot.
Both methods work and allow you to move over the pink surface using this “invisible bridge”.

On the mobile version on iOS, a different text is displayed “Hmm… If only you had two fingers.” giving you a clue on how to solve it on the mobile. Put your finger on the first button and then put your other finger on the second button without letting go.

What is the answer to Level 41?

The impossible Quiz Question 41

Answer: Press the ducks “AFRO” on the head.

Alright, so we dove into the quirky world of The Impossible Quiz, and we stumbled upon Question 41 – quite the unusual one, we might say! Here’s our experience presented in a super casual and lighthearted manner.

So, this question is really more of an interactive visual, displaying a photograph originally found on Rabid-Coot’s (also known as Etinogard’s) deviantArt page. Shoutout to Splapp-Me-Do for concocting this peculiar idea! The screen is mainly dominated by the image of a white-crested duck, leaving just enough space for your lives and skips and, oh, there’s no task given on the screen.

Transitioning to the peculiar aspects of this duck! Moving your cursor around the image reveals hidden messages around various parts of the duck’s body, making each part a potential answer – except for the link to Rabid-Coot’s dA, which is casually chilling at the top-right corner of the screen.

Now, here come the answer possibilities, hold onto your hats! You’ve got “Afro”, situated by the duck’s unique crest. “Evil eye”, found on the duck’s eye; “Sexy Bill”, spotted on the bill; and “Breast LOLOLOL”, on the duck’s breast. Then there’s “Mallard’s arse”, which is seen on another duck in the backdrop. “Bony orange leg! (50% off!)”, is identified on its left leg. “Wing!” and “Magnificent tail” are self-explanatory, and lastly, “Dirty rectum” below the duck’s tail.

And the jackpot answer to this whimsical question? It’s “Afro”! Apparently, Splapp believes it’s the duck’s finest feature (even though “Afro” isn’t technically the accurate term for the duck’s crest).

So, if you’re into something offbeat and a little wacky, definitely check out this question it’s thrilling and full of surprises! Keep gaming, and who knows, you might find your own “Afro”!

What is the answer to Level 42?

The impossible Quiz Question 42

Answer: The 42nd 42. It is the second from the left at the very bottom (Above the “E” in “LIVES”)

So, this is the second of nine questions crafted by Rabid-Coot (Etinogard), and it’s tough, especially if you’re not in the know! The question goes: “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?” and below, there’s a bewildering array of the number 42 (50 times to be exact!), with a cheeky hint nestled in, saying “It’s 42”.

Alright, the key to cracking this? Click the 42nd “42”! You’ll find it sitting as the second 42 in the bottom row.

This quirky question is a nod to Douglas Adams’ iconic book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, where hyper-intelligent beings quest to discover the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought. After a whopping 7½ million years, the answer revealed is…42! Although, it’s highlighted that the answer seems meaningless, as the original question was unknown.

By the way, this book is also the inspiration behind the name of Chapter 2 of The Impossible Quiz Book, dubbed “The Phlovomite’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Transitioning to other appearances of this quirky question! A variant of it pops up as Question 142 of TIQB Chapter 3, with a twist—it’s a Bomb question and the 42’s are arranged differently due to some time-traveling shenanigans from Chris and Norman.

And hey, this is the sole Question 42 in the series that doesn’t nod to any of Gingerneck’s Flash projects! Plus, keep an eye out in The Impossible Quiz 2, where “Click the 42nd 42” pops up as one of the tips of the day and as an option in Question 59!

So, this question is both puzzling, thrilling, and full of surprises! Keep playing and exploring the myriad of quirky questions in this fascinating quiz game!

What is the answer to Level 43?

The impossible Quiz Question 43

Answer: Tom Cruise (Jerry McGuire reference)

Here’s the scoop on Question 43. It’s like uncovering a secret gem, always surprising and a bit challenging! Let’s discuss it from our review perspective!

So, Question 43 is the creative brainchild of Rabid-Coot (Etinogard) and is the third of nine of his contributions. It’s a fill-in-the-blank type and mentions a character, Bridget, from the Guilty Gear series. The question goes like “Bridget makes everyone…”, and the choices offered are quite amusing: “Gay”, “Straight”, “Bi”, and “Tom Cruise”.

And surprise, surprise, the right pick is “Tom Cruise”! This question sneakily references the film “Jerry Maguire”, featuring a character, Bridget Jones, played by none other than Tom Cruise.

Transitioning to the mobile realm, the iOS version had to undergo a makeover to dodge potential copyright hurdles. The revamped question reads, “What is the most common cause of feline blindness?”, with the possible options being:

– Macular degeneration
– Cataracts
– Glaucoma
– Being poked in the eyes with a stick

Here, “Cataracts” takes the cake, considering it’s a common cause of blindness across species – and, well, it cleverly includes the word “cat”!

What is the answer to Level 44?

The impossible Quiz Question 44

Answer: Solve the puzzle by dragging the scattered pieces and clicking the dot.

Alright, let’s unravel the amusing riddle that is Question 44 of The Impossible Quiz! It’s another unique curveball thrown our way, kind of like stumbling upon an unexpected game in an online casino. Let’s dive into our casual review of this one!

This question is an eccentric one, presenting us with a jigsaw puzzle instead of a traditional question or options. All you’ve got are scrambled pieces to drag and a fixed piece at the upper right as your reference.

Your mission? Assemble the puzzle. The completion unveils a message: “Click here,” accompanied by a directive arrow. A simple click where the arrow points, and you’re golden! Fun fact – you don’t really need to solve the puzzle. The clickable dot is on the fixed piece, so if you know where to look, you can breeze right through!

A quirky little detail – one puzzle piece is snipped wrong, leaving a tiny hole in the first ‘E’ of the word “here.” It’s these little eccentricities that make this question memorable!
Now, in the iOS version, interactions are touch-based, yet the “Click here” message amusingly remains unchanged.

So, this creative twist in the game is like finding a fresh, unexpected feature in a new game– it keeps the experience lively and engaging! It’s the quirky details and the interactive elements that make this question a fun challenge in The Impossible Quiz journey! Keep solving and enjoying the playful surprises this game throws at you!

What is the answer to Level 45?

The impossible Quiz Question 45

Answer: Top right option box

So, question 45 in The Impossible Quiz is pretty interesting – it’s one of the two that Metal Alex put together. Everything in this question, from the task to all four possible answers, is penned in the Wingdings font – quirky, huh?

Break It Down
1. So you’ve got two ways to tackle this one:
2. You can play detective, decode every word, and pick your answer based on what it all really says.

Or, you could just go with the old trial-and-error method until you hit the jackpot!

Decode the Message
So, if you do decide to go the decoding route, here’s the scoop: the message at the top translates to “Potatoes fly.” Fun, right?

1. The top-left choice whispers “Indeed.”
2. The top-right one shouts “WRONG.”
3. The bottom-left option wonders “Why not?”
4. And the bottom-right one just laughs “ROFL.”

Pick Your Choice
Now, out of all these choices, “WRONG,” which is the top-right option, makes the most sense and is indeed the correct answer! So give that top-right box a click to move ahead.

Casual Reminder
Remember, keep it cool, think it through or go with your gut, and have fun! Keep rocking on through the quiz!

What is the answer to Level 46?

The impossible Quiz Question 46


Time to talk about question 46 from The Impossible Quiz. It’s one of nine brain-teasers crafted by Rabid-Coot (Etinogard), and it throws a picture question your way! This one features two eyes peeping at a still from the Flash animation “Sonic Breaks his Neck,” created by Splapp-Me-Do. To be specific, it’s the bit where Sonic gets a snip on the nose from Dr. Eggman, who is represented by just a hand in the frame.
Choices Given
So, your options for this visual puzzle are:

1. “Best Flash ever”
2. “Meh”.
4. And an image of one person flaunting a fiery hand to another, teasing person.

Finding the Right Answer
And the winner is… “OMGF U KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD”! This quirky choice was actually lifted from a real comment found on Newgrounds under the animation by Splapp-Me-Do.

Mobile Version Updates
Now, if you’re on the mobile version, you’re in for a twist! To sidestep any copyright hiccups with Sega, the iOS version sports a totally revamped question. It asks, “Was this question in the original Impossible Quiz?” and the possible responses are “Yes,” “No,” “Strawberry,” and “Magnets.” Here, “No” is the golden ticket, since this question is a fresh one, swapped in to replace the Sonic query.

To Sum it Up
Whether you’re a Sonic fan or not, enjoy the quirky twists and turns of each question, and keep your wits about you! It’s all in good fun, so laugh a little and game on!

What is the answer to Level 47?

The impossible Quiz Q

Answer: Click the red dot with your cursor that is invisible.

Okay, let’s dive into question 47 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s a search and find type of deal. A big bottle marked “Vanish” appears and whoosh, spills yellowish liquid all over your screen. Once it’s all flooded, a red button pops up somewhere near the center, but the catch is, you can’t see your cursor due to all that liquid!

Your Mission
Your goal? Navigate your invisible cursor to that sneaky red button and click it. Pro tip: Align the cursor with the point of the cursor on the “Vanish” bottle when it’s at the lowest on the screen.

No Stress Zone
The cool part? This is a no-risk question. Click away! You won’t lose lives for any misclicks.

Cheat Code
And hey, there’s a sneaky cheat too. If you right-click, you can spot your mouse. It gives you some wiggle room to navigate and find that button. But you gotta be swift. Click twice if your mouse is on the button – one to close the menu and another to click the button. But be cautious, once you close the right-click menu or shift the mouse, your cursor’s back to being invisible. On a touchpad PC, just press the button to jump to the next question.

Browser Bonus

For those using Safari or Google Chrome on a Mac, guess what? Your cursor can’t vanish, thanks to OS X’s lack of a built-in cursor changing method.

In a Nutshell
So, navigate, click, and move on! Enjoy every fun, quirky step of the way! Keep that positive vibe and continue the hilarious journey through the quiz!

What is the answer to Level 48?

The impossible Quiz Question 48


Alright, time to jump into question 48 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s a creation of Rabid-Coot (Etinogard) and is the fifth out of nine from this creative mind. The prompt reads “Snake? Snake!?” with the possible answers being “Snake!”, “Snaaaake!”, “Snake?”, and “Snail!”

It’s a Game Thing
This one’s a cheeky nod to the Game Over screen in the Metal Gear Solid series. In those tense moments, you’d hear the Mission Control characters frantically calling out for Snake (the main guy of the game), ending with a slightly extended call— “Snaaaake!”

Choose Wisely
So, to complete the statement from the question, you’re gonna want to select “Snaaaake!” as your answer.

To Recap
It’s all about having fun and catching those game references! Dive in, think quick, and most importantly, enjoy the ride through this wild quiz! Keep those vibes joyful and your gamer knowledge sharp!

What is the answer to Level 49?

The impossible Quiz Question 49

Answer: SPLAPP-ME-DO (bottom right corner)

Alright, let’s hop into question 49 of The Impossible Quiz! It asks you, “Which is the correct spelling?” and it’s all about figuring out the right spelling of the Quiz creator’s name. Your options? “Slap-me-do”, “Slapp-me-do”, “Spapp-me-do”, and “Splapp-me-do”.
Spot the Right One
Only one is right, and that’s “Splapp-me-do” – it’s in the bottom right, so hit it to move on!

A Little Deja Vu There was a similar one in the Demo version, but instead of variations of “Splapp-me-do,” it played around with the word “success”.

A Handy Tip
And here’s a bit of extra help. If you encounter this question as Question 43 in The Impossible Quiz 2, there’s a “Tip of the Day” on the game’s loading screen that spills the tea on the correct spelling. It reads, “It’s spelled ‘Splapp-me-do’, not ‘Slapp-me-do’, you bunch of arses”.

Quick Recap
Stay sharp, pick the right spelling, and keep the fun going! Remember, it’s all about enjoying the quirkiness of each question. Keep it light, keep it fun!

What is the answer to Level 50?

The impossible Quiz Question 50

Answer: O.K.

Alright, let’s breeze through question 50 of The Impossible Quiz! So, this one’s giving you a straightforward task. It simply reads, “Remember:”, and then slaps a color and a number code on you. Color-wise, it’s “Blue, red, blue, yellow”, and for numbers, it’s “108 = 4 8 15 16 23 42”.

Pop Culture Alert!
That number sequence? It’s a big deal in the TV series “Lost”, and it pops up again in Question 108 of the Quiz. You’re gonna want to remember these codes, or jot them down somewhere. And don’t underestimate the color code; it’ll come back in later questions and quizzes.

Make Your Choice
Your answer options are “O.K.”, “What.”, “I can’t!” and “GTFO”. And since the question just wants you to remember these codes, hit “O.K.” to proceed.

For Mobile Users
If you’re on the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, it’s mostly the
same. However, “GTFO” morphs into a more friendly “GRRR” to avoid any issues. And while the “Lost” number code is still there, it’s more of a nod to the original since the original Question 108 got swapped out. So, focus on remembering the color code!

Remember and Proceed!
So, lock those codes in your brain, or scribble them down, and let’s keep the fun rolling! Keep it light, and enjoy every quirky bit of this quiz!

What is the answer to Level 51?

The impossible Quiz Question 51

Answer: Repeatedly click the screen so that the Spatulon and the Phlovomite fight. Click until the Spatulon wins.

Alright! So, let’s delve into question 51 of The Impossible Quiz, shall we? This one is pretty quirky; it’s unskippable but safe, with a simple prompt: “Fight!” Below the prompt, two odd creatures are chilling, one blue (a Phlovomite) and one green (a Spatulon). These are creations of the quiz master Splapp-Me-Do and they just seem to be eyeballing each other.

What to Do?
Your mission? Click on these creatures 16 times and watch the action unfold! As you click, they’ll start to battle each other until eventually, the Phlovomite takes a hit and goes flying off the screen, leaving a trace of green goo behind.

Crowd Goes Wild!
When the blue alien bites the dust, you’ll hear a roaring crowd, and the Spatulon will be left cheering for its victory. Once the cheering subsides, you can scoot over to the next question.

And… Action!
So, tap away and enjoy the amusing alien tussle. Get ready to cheer for the victorious Spatulon and let’s keep the positive vibes flowing to the next quirky challenge!

What is the answer to Level 52?

The impossible Quiz Question 52

Answer: Click leaves belonging to a carrot (number 3 from the left).

Let’s jump into Question 52 of The Impossible Quiz! This one throws the word “Carrot!” at you and you’re greeted by four bunches of green leaves sprouting from the soil. Your task? Figure out which one of these leafy bunches is actually a carrot!

Leafy Choices:
To the far left, you’ve got grass, no veggies here. Next to it, center-left, is a playful troll toy rocking a ‘stache and a shirt that proudly declares, “I ♥ teabags”.
Center-right, voila! A carrot sporting a goofy face, reminiscent of Plug from the well-known British comic book, Beano’s Bash Street Kids. Ding ding! This is your winner. And lastly, to the far right, we have… well, some ambiguous thing according to Splapp-me-do.

Harvesting Time! R
eady to harvest? Click on the third bunch of leaves, snatch up that silly-faced carrot, and off you go to the next quirky question! Keep it light, keep it fun, and on we go!

What is the answer to Level 53?

The impossible Quiz Question 53

Answer: …but pa might not.

Rolling into Question 53 of The Impossible Quiz, we’re hit with another picture question! This time, it’s a jar of Marmite gracing the screen. Four choices are at your disposal: “Urgh!”, “What is that?”, “…but Pa might not”, and “Yum”.

Finding the Best Fit:
The golden ticket here is “…but Pa might not”. Why? Because, say it with a British flair, Marmite sounds quite like “Ma might”, and it seems like the snazziest way to complete the sentence!

A Little Twist:
For those playing on the iOS version, to dodge any copyright tussles, the jar of Marmite is swapped out for a message simply stating “Ma might”. But no worries, the answer remains the same! So, chuckle at the pun, choose wisely, and sail on to the next question! Keep up the great work and let’s keep the positive vibes rolling!

What is the answer to Level 54?

The impossible Quiz Question 54

Answer: No, about 20cm off the ground – “Shanghai” = “She hang high?”)

Alright, swinging into Question 54 of The Impossible Quiz, it throws a quick one at you, simply stating: “Shanghai?”. You’ve got four answers to pick from: “Is indeed the largest city in China.”, “Never been”, “Why is there a question mark?”, and “No, about 20cm off the ground”. Fun fact, this question made its debut as Question 7 in The Impossible Quiz Demo.

Making Sense of It All:
It’s easy to get swayed by the first three options—they seem logical, right? But, surprise, the real answer is “No, about 20cm off the ground”. A bit puzzled? It’s because “Shanghai” cleverly sounds like “She hang high”.

Easy-Peasy Reminder:
So, just remember, sometimes the answer might just be in the play of words. Keep the wit sharp, enjoy every bit of it, and march on to the next challenge! Keep smiling and keep shining!

What is the answer to Level 55?

The impossible Quiz Question 55

Answer: A games console for wholemeal biscuits.

The Impossible Quiz throws you into the deep end with its first bomb question of the series. It pops the question, “What is the digestive system?”, offering you choices like “A series of organs designed to break down food and extract energy and nutrients.”, “A games console for wholemeal biscuits”, “Something invented by vicars”, and “Cheese”.

Cracking the Code:
Now, the first option is a no-brainer, sounds logical and scientific, but here’s the twist—it’s not the right pick! The quirky correct answer is “A games console for wholemeal biscuits”. Why, you ask? It’s a play on words, as ‘wholemeal’ is an ingredient found in digestive biscuits and ‘system’ is commonly related to game consoles.

Quick Tip:
So, keep your wits about you, choose wisely, enjoy the laugh, and snag yourself the fourth Skip of the game. Keep the fun rolling and brace yourself for the next amusing hurdle! Keep those positive vibes going!

What is the answer to Level 56?

The impossible Quiz Question 56

Answer: Press Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow (The color code from question 50) using your invisible cursor.

Question 56 of The Impossible Quiz spins the wheel again with a twist from Question 47. This time, you’re greeted with a message— “I hope you remembered!”, followed by the same yellow “Vanish” fluid from before, blanketing your screen and hiding your cursor. The game takes a leap, replacing the single red button with eight vibrant buttons—orange, blue, black, pink, brown, red, yellow, and green.

The Challenge:
The trick here is to recall the colour code from Question 50, which was “Blue, red, blue, yellow”. Your task is to press the buttons in this sequence, all while your cursor plays hide and seek. Miss a color, and you lose a life, but the game lets you march on to the next buttons. Nail the fourth button, and you dive into the next question.

Quick Hack:
If you’re in for a little mischief, right-clicking could reveal your cursor while moving, giving you that sneaky edge. Keep the spirits high, enjoy every playful moment, and let’s see what the next question unravels! Keep the brain juices flowing and the smiles coming!

What is the answer to Level 57?

The impossible Quiz Question 57

Answer: Erm… one?”

So, in Question 57 of The Impossible Quiz, you’ll find the statement “Look! Count Dracula!” and an arrow pointing to a quirky sketch of Dracula himself. Your choices? “Erm… one?”, “Oh yes!”, “He’s a sexy one”, and “Sorry, I prefer lemurs”.

Now, the game’s tossing you a playful curveball! It’s not about Dracula the character; it’s about counting Dracula, as in, “How many Draculas do you see?” So, the spot-on answer is “Erm… one?”. Clever, right?

Keep enjoying the playful twists and turns of this game! Stay joyful and who knows what amusing surprises the next questions hold! Keep laughing and guessing!

What is the answer to Level 58?

The impossible Quiz Question 58

Answer: Shepherd’s Pie”

Alright! In Question 58 of The Impossible Quiz, we’re still hanging out with Count Dracula. This time, we’re asked, “On the subject of Dracula, what is his favourite food?”. Our options are “Blood”, “Urine”, “Chicken Chow Mein”, and “Shepherd’s pie”.

Now, “Blood” might seem like the obvious pick, but nope, it’s not the winner here! According to the game’s creator, Splapp-me-do, blood doesn’t qualify as food. So, the actual answer? It’s “Shepherd’s pie”! Yes, that delicious dish with a mashed potato crust originally from the UK, where the 1897 Dracula novel first took flight.

Isn’t it fun to mix a bit of literature, humor, and trivia all together? Keep those chuckles coming and stay tuned for more quirky queries and answers! Keep the fun rolling and the learning light!

What is the answer to Level 59?

The impossible Quiz Question 59

Answer: Charge the laser by repeatedly clicking the Shoop da Whoop face until it destroys the bomb. Click Fast!

Alright! Question 59 in The Impossible Quiz offers a bit of a twist – it’s one you can’t skip! You’ll see the instruction “Charge ur lazer!” at the top, and there’s a black circle, rocking the Shoop-Da-Whoop meme face, chillin’ in the bottom-left corner. This circle is glaring at a 10-second bomb on the top-right corner.

So, here’s the fun part! You have to frantically click on the circle to power up the “lazer”, and when it’s fully charged, BOOM! It obliterates the bomb. After this, you’ll hear the sound of an invisible crowd cheering, and the circle gives you a smile and a thumbs up before you proceed. Fun, huh?

Mobile Tweak:

For those on the iOS version, it’s pretty much the same gig, but with no on-screen message. You only have the circle, the bomb, and a “Sorry, no Skipping” sign. The “Charge ur lazer!” message was omitted, maybe due to copyright or just to keep things clean.

Quick Facts:

– This quirky scenario repeats in Question 138 in The Impossible Quiz Book, but with slight differences.
– A quick tip: you need to click the circle 50 times to get through. That’s more than 5 clicks per second, so get those fingers ready!
– If the bomb goes off, you’ll catch a glimpse of Shoop Da Whoop’s smile in a flash before the Game Over sign pops up.

Enjoy the wacky moments and keep those positive vibes as you navigate through the quirky universe of The Impossible Quiz! Keep clicking and smiling!

What is the answer to Level 60?

The impossible Quiz Question 60

Answer Yes! if you managed to do this the first time since opening your browser.
– Answer No… if you didn’t. The game knows and if you choose the wrong one, it’s a Game Over.

Question 60 in The Impossible Quiz is all about keeping it real! After your encounter with the Shoop Da Whoop face in the last question, the game throws a curveball asking, “Be honest… did you nail the last question on your first try?” You’ve got just two options here: “Yes!” or “No…”.

So, how did you fare on your first run since firing up the game or app?

– If you stumbled initially but aced it in subsequent tries, click “No…”.
– If you breezed through Question 59 right off the bat, hit “Yes!”. But remember, any hiccups later on mean you’ll have to pick “No…” in your next runs.

Choose wrongly, and the game scolds you with a “You Liar!” and a joyful audience clap, proclaiming, “I’m sorry, but there’s no place for liars in this quiz,” coupled with a beaming smiley before hitting you with a Game Over.

Mobile Twist:
On the iOS, and HTML5 versions, the game’s forgiving, a wrong pick will cost you just a life, not a game over, but the query and the response mechanism are the same. If you stay true, you’ll earn the third Moron Mark in the mobile version.

Little Fun Fact:
This is the inaugural variable question in the series and the solo one in the original quiz.
So, keep the honesty flowing and enjoy each surprise this zany quiz throws your way! Keep it light, keep it fun!

What is the answer to Level 61?

The impossible Quiz Question 61

Answer:  Thumbs up icon

Question 61 of The Impossible Quiz is quite the quirky one, flashing a “(Y)” at the top part of the screen. Below, you’re met with four options illustrated with tiny icons: a friendly thumbs up, a menacing black cloud complete with lightning, a beaming yellow smiley face, and a sinister sheep viewed from the rear.

So, what’s the deal with this one? Well, the thumbs up icon in the top left is the way to go! You see, “(Y)” used to be the shortcut for sending a thumbs up emoticon in good ol’ MSN Messenger, a hot chat program back in the day. And it’s not just MSN; other platforms like Facebook, Skype, and many Wikia chatrooms jumped on the thumbs-up shortcut bandwagon too.

So, slap on a smile and give this question a big thumbs up! Keep enjoying every peculiar and delightful moment the quiz has in store! Keep the energy positive and the vibes light!

What is the answer to Level 62?

The impossible Quiz Question 62

Answer: Moss

Alright, let’s dive into Question 62 of The Impossible Quiz! It lays out a spread of eleven varied doodles under the message “It’th thimple. Click the moth!”. You’ve got an Easter Island Moai, a patch of moss, a shiny gold ingot, two distinctly amusing moths, a mop, an eyeball, some foliage, a thimble, a charming checkered blanket, and let’s not forget, a banana!

Here’s the fun part – don’t let those moths or the mop fool you! It’s all about the pronunciation game, with every “S” sounding like “th”, imitating a lisp. So, what it’s actually whispering is, “It’s simple. Click the moss!”. The moss is hanging out on the left, snug below the Moai and just above that glittering gold ingot.

So, click that moss and keep the fun rolling! Enjoy the whimsical turns and the amusing moments each question unfolds! Keep those spirits up and let’s see what the next playful challenge brings!

What is the answer to Level 63?

The impossible Quiz Question 63

Answer: Tasteless white filt

Okay, let’s chat about Question 63 from The Impossible Quiz. The game throws you a curveball with the question, “What are Chicken McNuggets made of?”. Your options? “100% chicken”, “Tasteless white filth”, “Soil”, or “Win”.

Now, brace yourself! Even though we know Chicken McNuggets are indeed made of chicken, the quiz wants you to pick “Tasteless white filth”. Why? Because that’s how the game creator, Splapp-Me-Do, humorously views Chicken McNuggets!

Mobile Version Highlight: For those swiping away on the iOS version, this quirky question remains mostly the same. But, to sidestep any potential legal hiccups, “McNuggets” got a subtle change to just “nuggets”.

Isn’t it amusing how the game mixes facts with a dash of playful banter? Enjoy the ride and look forward to more laugh-out-loud moments and brain-teasers! Keep the positivity flowing and happy quizzing!

What is the answer to Level 64?

The impossible Quiz Question 64

Answer: Egg > 28

Time to dive into Question 64 of The Impossible Quiz! The question asks, “Which is true?” with possible answers being “PSP > DS”, “DS > PSP”, “PSP = DS”, and “Egg > 28”.

So here’s the kicker! PSP and DS are completely different gaming devices, so saying they’re equal is a no-go. And you can’t objectively say one is better than the other—people have their preferences, right?

So, that leaves us with the hilarious and seemingly random choice, “Egg > 28”. Seems wild, but it’s the right pick! It might look like “82 < 993” upside down, which is true, but there’s no confirmation on that being the reasoning.

Mobile Version Fun Fact: Playing on iOS? This cheeky question stays, but the first three options are transformed to “CIA > FBI”, “FBI > CIA”, and “CIA = FBI” to dodge any copyright issues. And yes, “Egg > 28” still reigns supreme as the correct pick!

It’s fun to think about the subtle and playful tweaks, isn’t it? Keep the vibe light and enjoy each step of this quirky quiz journey! Happy puzzling!

What is the answer to Level 65?

The impossible Quiz Question 65

Answer: Click the word: LARGEST (not any cirkle)

Alright, let’s unwrap Question 65 of The Impossible Quiz together! This one’s fun—it says, “Click the largest,” and there are five circles all of different sizes scattered around. One’s even sneakily placed above the ‘i’ in “Click”!

Remember Question 12? This one is kind of its opposite, and it’s loaded with just as much mischief! None of the circles you see are the right answer, not even the one above the ‘i’ since it’s only partially visible.

Here’s the twist—you have to click on the word “largest” in the question! A bit of playful wordplay never hurt anyone, right? Enjoy the clever little quirks of this quirky quiz! Keep that positive and light-hearted energy going and happy clicking!

What is the answer to Level 66?

The impossible Quiz Question 66

Answer: Click the second exclamation mark (“!”). Note that there are two exclamation marks. Click the one located after the word “world”.

Time for question 66 of The Impossible Quiz! This one has a bit of drama—it says, “Hurry up! It’s the end of the world!”. You’ve got options like “Australia,” “Armageddon,” “D,” and “OMFG!!1,” and meteors are causing chaos all around. It’s one of those no-skip questions, too.

This one’s got a clever twist—it’s asking what’s literally at the ‘end of the word’ “the world.” Don’t get tricked—it’s not “D”! You’ve got to click the exclamation mark right after the words “the world” to move forward.

For those playing on the iOS version, the puzzle’s the same, but “OMFG!!1” becomes “Crap!!1” to keep things clean. So keep a sharp eye, have a chuckle at the cleverness, and enjoy the ride through this wild quiz!

What is the answer to Level 67?

The impossible Quiz Question 67

Answer: A big hairy arsonist

Let’s tackle Question 67 of The Impossible Quiz. This question throws you a bit of a curveball—it shows you a picture and cheekily asks, “What is this?”. The picture’s of a cut-off bum, with the word “ist” under it. You get to choose from “A big hairy arsonist,” “Modern art,” “Intelligent faeces,” and “German.”

Okay, so here’s the scoop—it’s all about playful wordplay. Your answer? “A big hairy arsonist.” It’s like a quirky mash-up of the words, combining “arse on ist,” describing the hairy arse atop the word “ist.” It’s quirky, it’s fun—it’s all in good jest! Keep your wits about you, enjoy the laugh, and roll with the punches! Keep the positive vibes rolling!

What is the answer to Level 68?

The impossible Quiz Question 68

Answer: Use your mouse and stroke Chris, the cat until filling the bar.

So, Question 68 from The Impossible Quiz has this adorable cat mascot, Chris, just chilling on a chair, and there’s this vertical bar next to him. And, well, there’s no message or hint or anything.

Here’s the deal. You’ve got to pet Chris with your cursor, and as you do, you’ll notice the bar begins to rise. Keep going until it’s filled up, and you’ll be rewarded with a weird, long “meow” from Chris, signaling it’s time to move on to the next question!

Good News! This one’s a no-stress question; there’s no way you can lose a life here, no matter where you click on the screen.

Let’s Dive into Some Trivia! This is where we first meet Chris in the series! He undergoes a little makeover later, appearing more anthropomorphic. We only learn his name in The Impossible Quiz 2, revealed in the credits and mentioned in Question 16. Chris makes a comeback in The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 3, as Question 114, causing a paradox if you try to pet him, and leading to a spooky disappearance and a Game Over! So, keep an eye out, and enjoy your time with Chris while it lasts!

What is the answer to Level 69?

The impossible Quiz Question 69

Answer: LOL, 69

Here’s the gist of Question 69 from The Impossible Quiz. The question asks, “Are you enjoying the quiz?”, offering options like “Yes”, “No”, “I’m lovin’ it!”, and “LOL, 69”.

So, what’s the answer? It’s “LOL, 69”! Why, you ask? Well, you’re on question number 69 and, in popular culture, 69 is also known for representing a certain intimate position, making this option a bit of a chuckle – hence, the most amusing response here!

Trivia Breakdown! The “LOL, 69” becomes a bit of a running gag throughout the series. It pops up every now and then, usually associated with anything featuring the number 69. For example, during the loading screen of The Impossible Quiz 2, when it reaches 69%, there’s a cheeky “LOL 69” instead of the percentage. In other instances, you get playful tasks and responses incorporating this joke—keeping the vibe light and the laughs coming! Whether it’s in question options, high scores, or even animated shorts by Splapp-Me-Do, the “LOL, 69” joke is there to bring a smile! Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the recurring humor!

What is the answer to Level 70?

The impossible Quiz Question 70

Answer: Using its anus

Alright, let’s dive into Question 70 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s courtesy of Rabid-Coot’s brainwaves, and it throws a bit of humor our way. It asks, “My dog’s got no nose. How does it smell?”, and you’ve got options like “Terrible”, “Like piss”, “Using its anus”, and “How am I supposed to know?” to choose from.

Here’s the kicker. The right answer is “Using its anus”! It’s not about how the dog perceives smell but rather what makes the dog have a particular odor. Whatever the dog does involving its anus, that’s contributing to its scent.

A bit of a cheeky one, but there it is! Keep those smiles on, and happy quizzing!

What is the answer to Level 71?
The impossible Quiz Question 71

The impossible Quiz Question 71

Answer: Choose any option box and click it when it turns green. Your timing is crucial.

Let’s hop into Question 71 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s got “Oh, Christ…” displayed at the top, with four option boxes below, all in red, yet flash green every now and then, rotating in a clockwise motion.

Your task? Just like in Question 21, you’ve got to hit the green! Whichever box is green at the moment, give it a click to jump to the next question. But beware, clicking a red one will cost you a life.

On mobile, everything stays the same, except “Oh, Christ…” turns into “Oh, drat,” dodging any potential religious tiffs. Keep your eyes peeled for the green, and good luck!

What is the answer to Level 72?

The impossible Quiz Question 72

Answer: Find and click on the light switch. It is located near the left edge of the screen.

diving into Question 72 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s a little adventure in the dark. It’s a friendly one, though; you can click around as much as you like, no lives lost here!

So, your mission is to find a tiny, clickable light switch in the complete darkness. It’s chilling on the far left side, between where the question number and the lives are displayed. Once you’ve found and clicked it, ta-da! A light at the top illuminates a cute ring-tailed lemur.

For those on mobile, when you flip that switch, you’re greeted by a rather peeved lemur, different from his Flash version counterpart. Oh, and no lamp in this version.

Little bit of extra info – Question 105 in The Impossible Quiz 2 throws you into the dark again, on a hunt for another sneaky switch, located right under the question number. Different lemur pic in this one too! Keep those eyes sharp!

What is the answer to Level 73?

The impossible Quiz Question 73

Answer: Click the top right option box

Alright, let’s make it casual and light, with a hint of positivity.

So, coming to Question 73 of The Impossible Quiz, it’s another cool one made by Metal Alex. It’s pretty minimalistic, just five question marks hanging out on the screen—one as the question and one in each option box.

Now, here’s the catch. Every question mark in the options has its unique flair, they’re all jotted down a bit differently. Your mission? Find the one that’s the twin of the one in the question, just sporting a different color. Spoiler: it’s chillin’ in the top-right option box! Give it a click, and you’re good to go to the next round.

Remember, it’s all about spotting the matching doodle, so keep those eyes peeled and enjoy the quirks of each question mark!

What is the answer to Level 74?

The impossible Quiz Question 74

Answer:  No one knows that

So, landing on Question 74 of The Impossible Quiz, it’s going to throw a curveball at you! It asks, “How many questions does this quiz have?” The choices you have are “100”, “200”, “No one knows that”, and “You can’t really class this as a quiz…”

Now, you might think, it’s 100 right? Well, surprise! There’s a twist – we have the Epic 10 that follow Question 100. So, the savvy answer here is, “No one knows that.” It’s like the game is winking at us, assuming none of us have made it to the grand finale, leaving us guessing whether there are really 110 questions in total. Sneaky, right?

A little fun fact: Question 74 has a cousin – Question 149 from The Impossible Quiz Book. They’re like two peas in a pod, both having you ponder about the number of questions, but 149 goes broader, asking about the total number in the entire series. Also, the option “No one knows that” makes a comeback in Question 97 from The Impossible Quiz 2. Keep your wits about you and enjoy the ride!

What is the answer to Level 75?

The impossible Quiz Question 75

Answer: Press the escape arrow under the question number quickly! It will appear when the bomb list up. If you fail it’s game over.

Buckle up! Question 75 of The Impossible Quiz is here to keep you on your toes! It just says, “Be prepared”, and boom, there’s a big bomb right in the center of your screen with a match getting lit to it. “Think fast!” pops up in red above it and you’re against a one-second timer! Plus, an arrow-shaped “Escape” button suddenly appears under the question number.

If you’re meeting this question for the first time, chances are, you might face a Game Over before you even blink. It’s like a reflex test!

Here’s a tip: Once you jump into this question, hover your cursor just below the question number right away. The moment that bomb lights up, hit the on-screen “Escape” button swiftly (don’t mix it up with the keyboard button) to roll onto the next part.
If your reaction game is strong (or maybe you just got lucky), you’ll snag the fifth Skip of the game as a reward!

Little bits of trivia to sprinkle in:

– This question is part of the elite club of three across the Impossible Quiz series featuring a one-second bomb. The other members are Questions 29 and 90 in The Impossible Quiz 2.
– It’s also one of two questions in this quiz flaunting a large bomb in the center. The sibling question? Question 94. Keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready!

What is the answer to Level 76?

The impossible Quiz Question 76

Answer: Click: Sugar, honey, honey

So, we are at Question 76 in The Impossible Quiz, and it’s got a sweet vibe to it! It says, “…You are my candy girl,” and below, you’ve got four sweet options: a sugar bag, strawberry jam jar, a marmalade jar, and a cute little honey jar.

This part is kinda humming to the tune of “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies. If you know the song, you’d know the lyrics go like “sugar… aah, honey, honey…” right before the message of the question. So, here’s the sweet deal to move forward: click the sugar bag once and then give two clicks to the honey jar.

It’s a sweet little nod to a catchy tune, and it makes you think in melodies! Keep the rhythm, keep the sweetness, and you’re good to go!

What is the answer to Level 77?

The impossible Quiz Question 77

Answer: Question 77

Question 77 in The Impossible Quiz brings another, “What is this?” conundrum to solve. This time, it’s showing a doodle that kinda looks like a bag or maybe an oven mitt with a red “T” on it. Your options? “Teabag,” “Testicle,” “Mr T’s oven glove,” and “Question 77.”

Now, I bet no one gets this one right the first time around! It’s actually not about the quirky drawing with the T. It’s kinda meta; it’s referring to the whole screen or, more likely, that red number 77 in the circle next to the message. So, the trick here is to select “Question 77.”

A little heads up! Question 109 in The Impossible Quiz 2 has a similar vibe with a sketch of two charts having a bit of a brawl. “Question 109” is one of the options there too, just like “Question 77” here. But it’s a red herring; it’s not the right pick, as it’s all about the doodle in that case. Keep your eyes peeled and think outside the box!

What is the answer to Level 78?

The impossible Quiz Question 78

Answer: Four

Okay! So, for Question 78 of The Impossible Quiz, it’s like a walk down memory lane with a bit of a “Déjà vu?” moment. Below the question, there are four answer options that will seem pretty familiar:

“Four” – ringing any bells? It’s from Question 1 (“How many holes in a polo?”)
“100” – recall this one from Question 74 (“How many questions does this quiz have?”)
“Cillit Bang” – this one’s a throwback to Question 25 (“How do you kill a werewolf?”)
“+1 life” – aah, this one’s from Question 22 (“The choice is yours”).

Since “Déjà vu” implies “Already Seen” in French, you gotta click the option that was the right one in its original question. Looking back, only “Four” was the right pick for its question, “How many holes in a polo?”. So, you should go ahead and select “Four” to move on to the next conundrum. Keep those past answers in mind; you never know when you’ll need them again!

What is the answer to Level 79?

The impossible Quiz Question 79

Answer: Click the “U” in “what do yoU mean”?

Alright, so question 79 of The Impossible Quiz is a bit tricky and quirky. It tells you, “The answer is a horseshoe”, and you get these four options:

– “Hoof”
– “A horseshoe”
– “What do you mean?”
– “Horses wear shoes?!?”

And, oh, there’s a 10-second bomb ticking away!

Now, don’t be fooled – the options are all decoys! The real answer is hidden, sneaky, right? The horseshoe is actually the letter “U” in the “What do you mean?” option – yup, it’s shaped just like a horseshoe. Clever, right? Be sure to click specifically on the “U”, not the whole option box, to continue. This question is kinda like those other sneaky ones in the quiz but with a bit more pressure, since you’ve got to be quick, and the ticking bomb keeps the adrenaline high! Keep those eyes peeled and fingers ready!

What is the answer to Level 80?

The impossible Quiz Question 80

Answer: Filthy Romanians

Okay, so for question 80 of The Impossible Quiz, it’s a bit unusual, and it’s the only one contributed by someone named Rabble. It’s a fill-in-the-blank, and it goes like this:
“Sell your liver to…”, and you get these options:

– “Filthy Romanians”
– “Satan”
– “Anne Frank”
– “4chan for the lulz”

Now, the correct answer is “Filthy Romanians”. Why, you ask? When the quiz was released in 2007, Romania reportedly had the world’s highest Hepatitis rate, a condition affecting the liver. So there’s a bit of dark humor here!

On the mobile version, however, it’s different – probably due to the original being a bit too edgy. Here the question involves the word “Poker,” and you’re given options that revolve around not knowing what poker is.

But here’s the twist – none of the options are correct! You have to think of “Poker” as “Poke R” and tap the “R” in “Poker” to move on. Clever, huh? Keep those wits about you and best of luck with the next ones!

What is the answer to Level 81?

The impossible Quiz Question 81

Answer: Use your mouse cursor up and down on the pole until the lightning turns on and click the green arrow to the right that will appear.

For question 81 of The Impossible Quiz, you’ll see a lightning pole in what seems to be a spooky, stormy night scene. There are no obvious choices or clickable options here, just the pole. Good news: it’s a safe question; you can click around without losing a life!

So, how to ace this one? You’ve got to rub the pole up and down with your cursor. Keep going until lightning strikes it. This sends power to a machine which will then show a green arrow on its screen. Click that arrow to move on.

Fun Fact: There’s another question in The Impossible Quiz Book, question 47, where you do something similar – rubbing a pole to attract electricity, only there’s a huge Tesla coil and some quirky characters involved there!

Oh, and something extra quirky here: the question number is usually red but it’s a darker shade in this one. It does flash to red for a brief moment when you make the lightning! Also, mobile users, you might notice the question number is in Splapp’s handwriting and not the usual font! Keep enjoying, and good luck with the next ones!

What is the answer to Level 82?

The impossible Quiz Question 82

Answer: Quickly click the toenails to cut them all.

Alright! Let’s talk about Question 82 of The Impossible Quiz. It’s got a 6-second bomb and you can’t skip it, so you gotta act fast! You’re presented with a pair of feet with pretty large toenails.

Here’s the deal – you gotta use your mouse and some quick reflexes to snip all ten toenails before time runs out. Just click on each toenail and you’re good to go. You’ve got about 0.6 seconds per toenail – yeah, it’s a speedy one!

Quick tip:
Spam-click and move your mouse along the toenails from right to left. It’s a smoother move since your mouse is already on the right from the last question.

For those on iOS: you get a bit of a break! The same question but with a 10-second bomb, so a little more time to get those toenails!

What is the answer to Level 83?

The impossible Quiz Question 83

Answer: National Dyslexic Association

Time for question 83 of The Impossible Quiz! This one throws a curveball at you, asking, “What does ‘D.N.A’ stand for?” Your options are “Deoxyribonucleic Acid,” “Do Not Abbreviate,” “Doormat, nice abacus,” and, wait for it… “National Dyslexic Association.”

Now, you’d think the right pick is “Deoxyribonucleic Acid,” given that’s what D.N.A. really stands for, being all science-y and stuff. But nope! The quiz is pulling your leg here; the correct pick is “National Dyslexic Association,”—a playful, if somewhat cheeky, twist on the term.

For the iOS version, the question got a makeover—probably because making a joke about dyslexia might not sit well with everyone. The revamped question is: “How many Surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?” Your choices? “This is not a question,” “I’m an Impressionist,” “17.5,” and “Fish.”

Given that Surrealists loved their weird and wacky, the right answer? It’s “Fish.” Yep, it’s as bizarre and unexpected as a Surrealist painting!

And here’s a cool tidbit: the option “This is not a question” nods to a famous painting by René Magritte, a Surrealist painter, featuring a pipe and the words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe”).

What is the answer to Level 84?

The impossible Quiz Question 84

Answer: Avoid the meteors and only touch the shooting star. You must click both “skip here”-buttons that will appear because you will need them later on in the game.

So, let’s chat about Question 84 in The Impossible Quiz. It’s basically the quiz’s first-ever mini-game. Once you land on this question, the background tunes stop, creating this intense vibe. You’ll spot the familiar “Put your mouse on here” text, but hold on! Things take a twist when you hover over the red button below.

Your surroundings change with a frame covering the usual stuff on the screen—lives, skips, question number, and all that. Be wary though, touch the frame, and it’s “Game Over” for the mini-game! You get a unique life counter in the top right corner, showing mouse cursors for each life you have. Then, boom! You’re in space with a catchy remix of the “Cantina Song” from Star Wars playing.

Here’s the drill: Avoid the meteors and spot the shooting star flying from the bottom left to the right. Just touch it with your cursor—no clicking needed—and you’ll be congratulated with a huge “Well done!” If you miss, just keep dodging meteors until the star comes around again.

Key Points:

– Don’t click, just move your cursor
– Touch the shooting star
– Avoid meteors
– Keep an eye on your lives, represented by mouse cursors

Remember, touching a meteor loses you a life in the mini-game, but lose all, and it’s a “Game Over” in the quiz too! So, stay sharp!

Bonus Tip: Grab the two remaining Skips; one’s near the top left corner, the other moves horizontally from the top right. They’re crucial for the final question and your last shot at getting them.

So, maneuver carefully, enjoy the quirky vibe, and good luck with touching that shooting star!

What is the answer to Level 85?

The impossible Quiz Question 85

Answer: I loved it!

Okay, so let’s jump into Question 85 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s pretty chill—it’s just asking about your thoughts on the previous space mini-game. So, you get options like “Not at all”, “I loved it!”, “HATE. THIS. QUIZ.” and “Space is a disgrace”.

Given that the entire quiz, including the mini-game, was crafted to bring some fun and smiles, and considering the effort put in by Splapp in programming it, it’s assumed you’re having a blast! I mean, you’ve reached Question 85, so you must be enjoying it, right?

So, the right pick here? Just hit “I loved it!”. After all, it’s all about enjoying the journey, isn’t it?

What is the answer to Level 86?

The impossible Quiz Question 86

Answer: The Prince

Question 86 of The Impossible Quiz is here to tickle your funny bone. It asks, “Who’s green and has sticky balls?”. You have the options of “The Incredible Hulk”, “He-Man”, “The Prince”, and “Slippy Toad”.

The answer to this quirky question is “The Prince”. If you’ve played the Katamari video game series, you’ll know “The Prince” is mostly dressed in green and uses Katamaris, those large bumpy balls that stick to pretty much anything they touch!

For the ones playing on iOS, there’s a twist! The question is different, probably to dodge any copyright issues from using character names. The updated Question 86 goes, “Where might you come across someone with a ‘grassy ass’?”. Your choices are “Spain”, “Germany”, “England”, and “Germany, again”.

This one’s funny – the right answer is “Spain”. Why, you ask? Well, “grassy ass” sounds quite like “gracias”, which is Spanish for “thanks” or “thank you”.

What is the answer to Level 87?

The impossible Quiz Question 87

Answer: The dot after “87” is missing. Click where the dot would be if the question-number had a dot. “87.”

Get ready for Question 87 of The Impossible Quiz! It teases you with, “Click what’s missing from this question.” Your choices? “A question mark”, “A point…”, “An answer”, and “Nothing”.

Each choice seems kinda right, but they’re all tricky and incorrect! The second option does nudge you a bit though. The real missing piece is the dot from the question number. It’s there but playing hide and seek, only visible when your mouse finds it.
So, here’s what to do:

– Hover your mouse around the question number.
– Find and click the sneaky, now-visible red dot.

And voilà, you can move on! Keep enjoying the clever twists and turns!

What is the answer to Level 88?

The impossible Quiz Question 88

Answer: Click repeatedly until Eggman breaks Sonic’s leg

So, question 88 in The Impossible Quiz tosses you into a scene from a Flash animation called “Sonic Breaks His Neck” by Splapp-Me-Do, with a ticking 10-second bomb to boot! Dr. Eggman is holding Sonic’s leg and looks pretty mad, and your task is to finish the scene to get to the next question.

So, you have to click Sonic’s leg a whopping 50 times until—yikes—Dr. Eggman snaps it! There’s lots of dramatic blood, and Dr. Eggman is apparently happy about it. Then, off you go to the next question!

Now, for mobile users, this question got a makeover due to potential copyright issues with Sega. The revised Question 88 asks, “What are rats?”, and your options are “Mammals”, “Vermin”, “Cheese munching furries”, and “Backwards stars”.

This one’s clever! The answer is “Backwards stars” because if you write “rats” backward, you get “star”. Keep having fun with these brain-teasing puzzles!

What is the answer to Level 89?

The impossible Quiz Question 89

Answer: Blindness

So, question 89 of The Impossible Quiz throws a quirky one at you, asking, “Which magical property do dog eggs contain?” Your choices? “Eternal youth”, “Blindness”, “Oodles of cash”, and “Invincibility”.

The right pick here is “Blindness”. Yup, you read it right! According to Splapp, the creator, the reasoning behind this offbeat answer is that getting dog doo in your eyes can supposedly make you go blind. Keep rolling with the punches and enjoy the unconventional humor of the quiz! Keep the vibes light and the guesses clever!

What is the answer to Level 90?

The impossible Quiz Question 90

Answer: Nonce

Let’s talk about Question 90 from The Impossible Quiz. The question is a curveball and asks, “How many times has Michael Jackson had a nose job?” Time is ticking, with a 10-second bomb, and you’ve got options like “Thrice”, “Twice”, “Once”, and “Nonce”.

So, Michael has indeed had multiple nose jobs, but here’s the twist—none of the numeric options are the right pick. The go-to answer here is “Nonce”. Sure, it might sound like “none”, but “nonce” in British and Australian slang actually refers to a “child sex offender”, pointing to the controversies surrounding Jackson.

Mobile users, you’re in for a change! Due to legal reasons, the mobile version tosses out a different question: “My wife went on holiday alone to the West Indies…” with responses like “Poor you.”, “Hahah. Ha! Hahaaa.”, “Jamaica?” and “You don’t have a wife, you liar.”, all under a 10-second timer.

The right choice? “Jamaica?”, a playful twist as it sounds like “Did you make her?”. This one is a clever nod to the island country in the West Indies, and just another quirky brain-teaser in the mix! Keep those wits about you and enjoy the playful banter of the quiz!

What is the answer to Level 91?

The impossible Quiz Question 91

Answer: Rip the paper into two picses by hovering the cursor under the third hole in the paper on the left side. The paper will start to rip and you have to move the cursor all the way across the paper.

Diving into Question 91 of The Impossible Quiz, it gets pretty meta here. You’re greeted with a piece of lined paper, featuring a personal note from the creator, Splapp-Me-Do. It goes something like:

“Hey Quiz Player! Let me drop a quick piece of advice. The solution is super simple, but by the time you finish reading this friendly note, there’s probably a bomb ticking away to your impending doom in the top right corner. Good luck! Cheers, Splapp xx.”

True to the words, a 5-second bomb pops up as you’re reading. Sneaky, right?

The actual answer? Well, it’s not that clear cut. This note, it’s pretty much a diversion. But with a bit of persistence, you’ll notice that moving the mouse back and forth under the paper’s third hole starts to tear it. Keep tearing towards the right, and voila, you’ve made the paper fall away!

Little Trivia: This creative concept makes a comeback in Question 90 of The Impossible Quiz 2, but with a twist— instead of a note, there’s a long question and a gigantic 1-second bomb. In this setup, Splapp humorously implies he doesn’t reuse ideas… or does he? Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the quirks!

What is the answer to Level 92?

The impossible Quiz Question 92

Answer: Click the numbered heads in descending order: 194 – 27 – 26 – 14 – 9 – 3 – 2.5 – 1 – 0.4

If you do it correctly, a song will be played. If you take too long a bomb will appear.

Note the glitch: There is a glitch so if you click all the numbers too quickly, the bomb will give you a game over while the song is playing.

Looking closer at Question 92 of The Impossible Quiz. This time, we’re in a theatre setting with 9 folks in the front row. The screen shouts, “Descending!” and hovering over each person reveals a number on the back of their heads. The numbers, from left to right, read: “27”, “3”, “0.4”, “26”, “9”, “194”, “2.5”, “14”, and “1”.

So, to breeze through to the next query, tap their heads in descending order, kicking off with the largest number and winding up with the smallest. So that’s 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, and finally, 0.4. In the sequence of heads, it’s #6, #1, #4, #8, #5, #2, #7, #9, #3. If your selection turns into a green tick, you’re on the right track. Once you’ve nailed the sequence, the curtains pull back, unveiling Mars singing “What is the Light?” by The Flaming Lips, and the crowd goes wild!

Be cautious! One wrong tap resets the heads and costs a life, plus, a 10-second bomb is ticking away from the get-go, and it doesn’t reset for mistakes.
Pro tip: If you tap all numbers before the bomb shows up, it’ll still appear during Mars’s performance and countdown to a Game Over. So, let the bomb appear before tapping the last number.

Mobile Fun: While the mobile setup is similar, the numbers appear above the heads since there’s no cursor. The bomb shows up and starts ticking instantly. Plus, Mars just smiles; no singing or crowd cheers due to copyright, concluded by a flatulence sound.

Little Extra: There’s a reminiscent question in The Impossible Quiz 2 – Question 95, it has a sadder vibe and an “Ascending!” task with a few graphical tweaks. Oh, and this is the first question featuring Mars! Keep your wits about you and enjoy the theatrics!

What is the answer to Level 93?

The impossible Quiz Question 93

Answer: Move the bomb out of the way and press “Go!”

Let’s talk about Question 93 of The Impossible Quiz! You’ll be greeted by a Worm all decked out in festive Santa gear and holding a baseball bat, with a variety of quirky accessories around it. Fun fact, every element on the screen is movable, worm’s attire included! Oh, and there’s a 10-second bomb ticking away.

To move forward,

– Shake up the screen, move everything around.
– Find the little green button under the bomb saying “GO!”
Give it a click!

When you do so, you can bid the quirky worm and his fancy accessories goodbye and head to the next question.

A Little Backstory: This funky question draws its inspiration from a Christmas-themed Flash game by Splapp-Me-Do titled “Christmas Sigworminator”, launched in 2006. It allows players to dress up a worm in various accessories. The worm, its playful attire, and the background in this question are all nods to that game. So, enjoy this delightful nod to Splapp-Me-Do’s creative past!

What is the answer to Level 94?

The impossible Quiz Question 94

Answer: Don’t do anything!  The bomb is a dud. Don’t click “Detonate!”!

Regarding Question 94 of The Impossible Quiz. Here, you’re met with a big bomb in the center of the screen, under the ominous warning, “Be prepared”. Off-screen, a match strikes and lights the bomb’s fuse, kicking off a 10-second countdown and prompting a red “Stop it!!” message to appear. Below this alarming message, there’s a red “Detonate!” button.

So, you find yourself in a pretty tight spot:

– You’ve got a ticking bomb.
– A button that seemingly only hastens your doom.

The Solution? Just chill and do nothing. Pressing detonate? Definitely a bad move, you’d just blow up the bomb. If you avoid the temptation and don’t press it, the bomb hilariously deflates, revealing it’s just a fake, with a cheeky “Oh… Never mind!” message popping up. But, if you give in and press the button? Boom! Instant Game Over.

Did you know? This quirky scenario is the first in the series to feature a “wait it out” bomb. A few others in the series follow the same “do nothing” strategy, like:

– Question 88 and 118 from The Impossible Quiz 2.
– Question 68 and 122 from The Impossible Quiz Book.

So, next time you play, remember sometimes doing nothing is the best move! Keep it light and enjoy the humorous twist!

What is the answer to Level 95?

The impossible Quiz Question 95

Move your cursor away from the screen.
– The cat will leave. Click the red button

Alright, let’s chat about Question 95 of The Impossible Quiz! This one’s pretty interesting—you’re greeted with a brown cat with green eyes, just casually staring off into the distance. No tasks or bombs around, and you can’t skip it. Just you and the cat!

Here’s the trick: Cats love mice, right? So, the cat’s watching your cursor. Either move your cursor out of the screen or right-click, and after a few seconds, a fly will zoom by, and Mr. Cat will be off chasing it, revealing a red button for you to click and move on. If you’re playing on mobile, just hold your finger on the screen to make the cat jump away.

Oh, and just for fun, this brown cat, according to Splapp, is just a generic cat. It’s also supposedly an early version of Chris, but just a bit browner!

This cat encounter is actually the last safe question of The Impossible Quiz. So, enjoy the humorous feline pause and keep playing!

What is the answer to Level 96?

The impossible Quiz Question 96

Answer: A right mess

Question 96 of The Impossible Quiz. This one is a bit cheeky and has a 10-second bomb ticking away! The question goes like this: “What do you get if you put a number 1 into your calculator and then add a number 2?”. Your options are “3”, “12”, “A right mess”, and “Error!”.

Now, while it may seem logical to go for “12” or “3”, you’d be falling into a trap. Here’s the twist— in slang, “number 1” stands for urinating and “number 2” for defecating. So, if you imagine putting both into a calculator, it’d be… well, “A right mess”, to say the least!

So, chuckle at the cheeky humor, pick “A right mess”, and move on before the bomb goes off! Keep enjoying the quirky fun of The Impossible Quiz!

What is the answer to Level 97?

The impossible Quiz Question 97

Answer: 10+ times!

Time to take a closer look at Question 97 from The Impossible Quiz. It’s cheekily asking you, “How many times have you had to restart?” with a 10-second bomb ticking away! Your options are “None!”, “1-5 times”, “6-9 times”, and “10+ times!”.

Now, this question is being a bit sassy, assuming you’re playing by the rules and not sneaking off to Google or YouTube for a little cheat sheet. It figures that if you’re doing this honestly, you’ve probably hit the restart button more times than you’d like to admit after each Game Over.

So, even if you’ve somehow managed to be a whiz and get here without losing a life, the game reckons you’ve restarted “10+ times!”. Go ahead, embrace the cheekiness, select “10+ times!”, and keep enjoying the quiz’s playful spirit! Keep rocking on and enjoying the tricky journey through The Impossible Quiz!

What is the answer to Level 98?

The impossible Quiz Question 98

Answer: Click on the words “Blue, red, blue, yellow”. Ignore the colors they are written in.

So, Question 98 of The Impossible Quiz! This one tosses a question at you, “Can you STILL remember?”, and throws in a 10-second bomb for good measure, oh and six options instead of the usual four. Each option is a color name, but here’s the catch, it’s written in a different color. A little something like this:

– “Red”, but it’s in green.
– “Green”, but it’s in red.
– “Orange”, but it’s in blue.
– “Yellow”, but it’s in pink.
– “Blue”, but it’s in orange.
– “Pink”, but it’s in yellow.

Alright, so here’s the scoop. The game is cheekily referring back to Question 50’s color code, which was “Blue, red, blue, yellow”. Keep your wits about you!
You’ve got to press the words that match the color code, not the color they’re shown in. So, hit “Blue”, “Red”, “Blue”, and finally “Yellow”, and voila! You’re off to the next challenge.

Remember, it’s all about the names, not the colors they’re in! Keep going and enjoy the colorful chaos!

What is the answer to Level 99?

The impossible Quiz Question 99

Answer: Be prepared. The traffic light will turn green after 1 second. Then click the sign next to it.

In question 99 of The Impossible Quiz, you find yourself facing a traffic light showing a red signal. Next to it is a sign saying “Next Question 14 2½”, which you can click, and yup, there’s the usual 10-second bomb ticking away in the corner.

Here’s what you do: Just hang tight until the bomb is down to the last second. The light will switch to yellow at 2 seconds, and then, it’s go time at 1 second as it turns green. That’s your cue to click that sign! Any early clicks will cost you a life, so timing is key here.

In the HTML5 version, it gets a bit friendlier – the light changes to yellow at 4 seconds and green at 3, giving you a tiny bit more breathing room to hit that sign. So, stay sharp and nail the timing! Keep it light and keep going!

What is the answer to Level 100?

The impossible Quiz Question 100

Answer: Two

So here we are at the grand finale, Question 100 of The Impossible Quiz! This one throws back to the very first question with “How many holes in two Polos?”, and it even has the question number showing off in flashy colors. The choices mirror those of the first question: “One”, “Two”, “Three”, and “Four”.

But here’s the twist! This time, it’s literally talking about Polo mints, those cool peppermint-flavored sweets with a hole in the middle. So, doing the math, if each Polo has one hole, then two Polos equal two holes. Yup, the correct pick is “Two”! If we were going by Question 1 logic, it would be “Eight”, but that’s not in the cards here.

If you’re playing on the mobile version, getting this one right lands you the fifth and final Moron Mark of the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz.

Fun Facts:

– This is where we bid adieu to selecting the correct answer from option boxes in the Quiz.
– The options “One” to “Four” maintain the same handwriting vibe as the first question of the quiz.
– This is a unique one where the question number likes to change it up.
– It stands out as the only Question 100 that doesn’t ask for a code, unlike its counterparts in The – Impossible Quiz 2 and The Impossible Quiz Book, which had you typing in “8275” and “5719” to progress.

So, there you have it! Keep it fun, keep it fresh, and enjoy your Impossible Quiz journey!

What is the answer to Level 101?

The impossible Quiz Question 101

Answer: Use the on-screen keyboard and type “Chihuahua”.

So, popping into Question 101 of The Impossible Quiz, it’s like a little throwback to Question 15. You’re greeted with a simple hand-drawn keyboard, displaying only the alphabet, and above it, there’s this cute tiny dog head wearing a Mexican sombrero. Oh, and don’t forget the 10-second bomb ticking away in the corner!

The game plan here? Just type “chihuahua” using the onscreen keyboard, referencing the dog breed shown (a little hint, the sombrero and the breed both have their roots in Mexico, more precisely, the state of Chihuahua, Mexico). Be cautious, hitting the wrong letter will cost you a life.

On the Go Version:

For those playing on iOS, the setup stays the same, including the word you gotta spell out. The change is in the image of the chihuahua; it’s more of a cartoon vibe, sans sombrero, and tossing in a “Woof”. Older renditions kept the chihuahua snapshot from the Flash version, sombrero and all!

Little Tidbits:

– If you venture to Question 119 in The Impossible Quiz 2, it’s a spelling showdown again, with “chihuahua” making a comeback, and the snapshot here is a twin to the one in this question.

– The mobile version maintains the lettering style and keyboard outline from Question 15.

And that’s the scoop on Question 101! Keep typing away and enjoy the quirky journey through the Quiz!

What is the answer to Level 102?

The impossible Quiz Question 102

Answer: Touch the dots by using your mouse. Avoud the squares. Note that one section only have one square and no cirkle. Just wait until the square disappear.

Alright, so jumping into Question 102 of The Impossible Quiz, you land in the second of The Epic 10 questions. Here, you’re welcomed with a straightforward challenge – “Touch the dots before they disappear!”.

So after you see this instruction, a solitary red dot makes an appearance on the screen and begins to slowly fade. As soon as your mouse or finger makes contact, it vanishes, and another pops up elsewhere. The key here is to keep your cursor, or finger, on each dot before it fades into nothingness, or else – you guessed it – you lose a life and back to the start you go!

Watch Out!
In this challenge, there are also little red squares that join the mix. Touching these tricky squares equals losing a life and restarting the question, so speed and precision are your best buddies here. You need to be swift to catch the dots and dodgy enough to avoid the squares.

There are 15 groups of shapes you will navigate through, with one having a singular square near the top right corner – don’t touch it when you see it. Once you breeze through the 15 screens, a red hand showing a thumbs-up grants you passage to the next conundrum.

Keep those reflexes sharp and enjoy the adrenaline rush! And remember, it’s all in good fun!

What is the answer to Level 103?

The impossible Quiz Question 103

Answer: Use the cursor that is invisible and search for Dennis the Square Tomato who is invisible. You will find it where the “C” in “Search” was before fading. Glitch: If you click it twice you will skip question 104.

Alright, let’s dive into Question 103 of The Impossible Quiz. This one marks the third quest in The Epic 10 and originated from the brilliant mind of Rabid-Coot (Etinogard). It’s a tricky search question with the notorious “Vanish” liquid from Questions 47 and 56, turning your cursor into a game of hide and seek in a sea of yellow.

The Challenge
This time, amidst the sea of yellow, there’s zilch, nada! Your mission? Find the elusive Dennis the Square Tomato, a quirky character created by Splapp-Me-Do. And to spice things up, you’ve got a 10-second bomb ticking away, your cursor is invisible, and Dennis is hiding—talk about a triple threat!

The Strategy
Dennis is cleverly concealed above the third and fourth Skips from the left, just a tad lower than the center of the screen. Hover your invisible cursor around there, and once found, he’ll reveal himself, allowing you to click and proceed.

Heads Up!
This question harbors two glitches. Clicking Dennis multiple times after the “Correct!” message catapults you to Question 105, bypassing 104. But be warned, using a Skip makes your cursor remain unseen for the rest of the quiz—a situation best avoided.

Mobile Twist
In the mobile game version, the mechanics are the same, but Dennis, still camouflaged, is larger and situated lower on the screen, making the find a bit more manageable.
Keep your spirits high and your cursor higher, happy hunting!

What is the answer to Level 104?

The impossible Quiz Question 104

Answer: Large yellow sad moon which is the opposite of what the task said.
Glitch: If you click the large yellow sad moon twice you will skip question 105 of The Impossible Quiz.

Time to navigate through Question 104 of The Impossible Quiz. This question is the fourth member of The Epic 10 and certainly, brings its A-game. It starts with an instruction, “Do the OPPOSITE!” then swiftly shifts to, “Don’t click the small yellow happy sun,” accompanied by an ensemble of suns and moons with varying sizes, hues, and expressions. Oh, and don’t forget the 10-second ticking bomb!

The Mission
Go against the grain! Ignore the instruction and click on the “big yellow sad moon.” Yep, you heard it right! Yellow stays constant as it doesn’t have a true opposite, even though violet can be considered its complementary buddy.

The Strategy
Find the big yellow sad moon hanging out on the bottom row, far right end, and give it a click to proceed. But hey, be mindful, repeating clicks after the “Correct!” pops up might propel you to Question 106, skipping 105.

A Little Extra
The big yellow sad moon also claims its spot as the answer because it’s in the exact opposite location of the small yellow happy sun. Top left meet bottom right!

Mobile Version Alert
In the mobile adaptation, they’ve upped the challenge by removing the “Do the Opposite!” message, throwing a little extra twist compared to the Flash version.
Happy opposing, and may the big yellow sad moon be with you!

What is the answer to Level 105?

The impossible Quiz Question 105

Answer: You need to spell “BANANA”. Use the following letters: B – in gooseberry A –  in apple Second N – in nectariNe

Alright! Next up is Question 105 of The Impossible Quiz, the halfway point of The Epic 10 questions. This quirky puzzle is also the final visual question in the game and it was cooked up by Rabid-Coot. Brace yourself, you’ve only got a 10-second bomb ticking away!

Here’s the Scene
You’re asked, “What is this?” and there’s a picture of a banana lounging on the right side of the screen. But, here’s the catch! None of the answer options say “Banana”. Instead, you’ve got “Kiwi”, “Nectarine”, “Apple”, and “Gooseberry” vying for your attention.

The Dilemma
So, you’ve got a banana on the screen but no banana in the options. A classic twist, making you choose between “Kiwi”, “Nectarine”, “Apple”, and “Gooseberry”.

The Strategy
Navigate carefully! Remember, looks can be deceiving and the obvious choice might not always be the right one.

Closing Thought
Enjoy the journey, embrace the quirky and remember, sometimes things aren’t always as they seem! Keep those wits about you and good luck with this banana of a dilemma!

What is the answer to Level 106?

The impossible Quiz Question 106

Answer: Follow the road and click on the arrow that will appear at the end.

Alright, let’s dive into Question 106 of The Impossible Quiz, marking the sixth spot in The Epic 10 questions line-up. This one turns the tables with a true-to-life maze to solve— and yes, it comes with its own unique twist!

Here’s the Deal
Start by placing your mouse on the red button where it says, “Put the mouse on here”. Then, bam! You get a bird’s-eye view of a road surrounded by green fields and a little pond. Your mouse is on the road, and a sign pops up, saying “Keep on the ROAD!”, and off you go with the screen beginning to scroll.

The Task
Stay true to the instructions! Keep that cursor on the pavement throughout the whole ordeal. Find the best path and avoid straying off, or it’s back to the start for you, minus one life. The map is quite the speedster, so stay sharp! As you near the end, things slow down to a crawl until they stop, and a small arrow appears. Click it, and voila, you’re onto the next!

Things to Keep in Mind
Quick reflexes are your friend here!
Stray off the path, and you restart.

A Little Cheat Code
The old right-click trick won’t fly here. Try it, and you lose a life. However, holding the left button lets you roam the map freely. A bit sneaky, but hey, it works!

For the Mobile Gamers
This question holds its ground in the mobile version too, but the map is more of a slowpoke here. Also, no cheating! You have to keep your finger on the screen until you hit the arrow-shaped button.

Fun Fact
There’s a quirky glitch where sometimes, the maze doesn’t appear even when the mouse is on the button, costing you a life. It’s one of those unfixed mysteries.

So, enjoy the scenic maze, stay on the road, and watch out for those quirky glitches. Good luck navigating this twisty turny challenge!

What is the answer to Level 107?

The impossible Quiz Question 107

Answer: Regardless of what you do you will get a fake “Game Over” Screen to appear. Just wait until it disappears before proceeding. You will lose the game if you press “try again”.

The Question 107 from The Impossible Quiz, which is the seventh one of The Epic 10 questions. It’s a bit of a curveball, hitting you with the question “How do you do?”. Your options are “Fine.”, “Not bad”, “I am ingore U.”, and “No. Pwnd.”. No bombs are visible and there’s no skipping this one!

Initial Reaction
When you try to choose an answer, you’re hit with a Game Over screen. You might be scratching your head, thinking what went wrong. Maybe even dropping a few choice words.

Here’s the Twist
Just sit tight and wait for the Game Over screen to fade, revealing the real message: “You do well! It was a fake!”. A “Correct!” screen follows, and you proceed to the next question.

Some Tips
– If the game remains silent and the Quiz music doesn’t play again, you’re on the right track.
– If you’ve got 2+ lives, your life counter will quickly revert to the actual number, indicating you didn’t lose lives.

Do’s and Don’ts
– Avoid clicking options; it will cost you a life!
– Don’t click “Try again?” on the fake Game Over screen, or you’ll restart the game after a brief “OH, YOU IDIOT!” message.

Mobile Gamers
In the iOS version, the mechanism remains, but you have to tap an option for the fake Game Over screen to show up. After it fades, only the message “You do well! It was a fake!” remains.

Fun Facts
– This is the last question without a bomb.
– The “I am ingore U.” option is deliberately incorrect.
– This is the final question with the “Sorry, no skipping!” sign and option boxes in the Quiz.

So, be cautious, stay cool when you see that Game Over screen, and enjoy the last of the no-bomb, no-skip questions! Keep your wits about you, and you’ll do just fine!

What is the answer to Level 108?

The impossible Quiz Question 108

Answer: Type “4 8 15 16 23 42” then click ‘Execute’. If you fail the computer will go crazy before displaying Game over.

Question 108 of The Impossible Quiz lands you in a precarious situation! It’s the eighth question in The Epic 10, and this one’s inspired by the TV series “Lost.” You’ll be met with a dark green computer screen, an unusual 11-second timer, and a beeping alarm, the whole scene reminiscent of a high-pressure countdown!

The Setting
In the game, the screen greets you with the message “The code is LOST”, and below, you see number keys, a space bar, and an “Execute” button. The ambiance is tense with alarms echoing in the background, doubling in the last 5 seconds.

The Task
Fans of “Lost” would recognize the situation. You’re supposed to remember a number code from Question 50, a crucial element in the series. In the show, characters input this code every 108 minutes to avert disaster.

The Sequence
Your goal is to input the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42”, with spaces, and hit “Execute”. Success resets the timer to 108 minutes, mimicking the show, and you move on. There’s no room for error, no backspace allowed!

Consequences of Failure
Messing up the sequence or running out of time triggers a chaotic scene. Everything flies across the screen, the computer declares “SYSTEM FAILURE”, and it’s Game Over for you. Wrong numbers, like 7, 9, or 0, will also end the game.

Mobile Adaptation
For copyright reasons, this “Lost” homage is altered in the iOS version. The revised Question 108 presents a statement “Oh no, sorry… I seem to have lost this question D:” and a regular 10-second bomb. The correct response is, “Don’t worry, maybe some heroes will save it,” a subtle nod to both “Lost” and the TV series “Heroes.”

Key Points
– Inputting the code post-timeout in “Lost” isn’t possible here, maintaining gameplay consistency.
– Objects, including the code numbers, may fly across during a system failure before the Game Over screen.
– The numbers in the code add up to 108, a clever tie-in to the question number.
– A skip is still usable during a system failure, before Game Over, but using it renders the remainder of the quiz impossible as you’ll need a skip for the last question.

Wrapping Up
So, keep cool, remember the code, and act swiftly! Keep an eye on the elements from the series and enjoy this thrilling part of The Impossible Quiz! And remember, there’s no room for error!

What is the answer to Level 109?

The impossible Quiz Question 109

Answer: Click on the Spidermonkey repetedly until he craps out an arrow. Click on the arrow.

Get ready to have a little fun with Question 109 of The Impossible Quiz, the ninth challenge in The Epic 10 series! This one comes with a 10-second bomb, and it’s time to get clicking!

Meet Spidermonkey
You’ll be introduced to Spidermonkey, a character from Splapp-me-do’s animation, “A New Breed of Hero”. What you see is his back, and he’s the lone clickable object on the display.

Your Mission
Your task? Click on Spidermonkey like there’s no tomorrow! Every click moves him slightly, and after enough clicks, he will, well… poop. But there’s a twist! To move forward, you must click the tiny arrow in the… aftermath. It sounds straightforward but be prepared to click a lot before that arrow appears!

Mobile Quirk
On the iOS version, a glitch allows tapping on Spidermonkey while on the “Correct!” screen following the previous question.

Tips & Tricks
– Start clicking as soon as 109 appears if you can find it quickly, giving you extra precious seconds.
– It takes about 45 rapid clicks to reach the arrow, averaging around 4.5 clicks per second.
– Using two fingers to click can help you get through faster, making it a breeze to finish!

In Conclusion
Get those fingers ready and bring on the speedy clicks to make Spidermonkey reveal the arrow and breeze through this whimsical challenge. Good luck, and may your clicks be swift and precise!

What is the answer to Level 110?

The impossible Quiz Question 110

Answer: Last question! Click on all your skip arrows. You must have all 7 of them. If not, you will lose the game. 

Congratulations on reaching to the last challenge of The Impossible Quiz, Question 110! This is the grand finale, part of The Epic 10 questions, and it packs a 10-second bomb question! It can be a breeze or your biggest nightmare, depending on how you’ve played so far.
So, when you hit this question, you’re welcomed by a stark black screen with some red text. It hints at the potential simplicity or the colossal challenge of this last hurdle. After a dramatic drumroll, the message wishes you “Good luck!” and then reveals the final task. Here, you’re met with seven circles engulfed in flames and a direct instruction in red text: “Use your skips!”

Let’s Break It Down:
– The Task: Use all seven skips you’ve earned.
– Catch: If you’ve used any skips before this, it’s game over. Yep, that’s right! Skips are crucial for winning, making this the only part of the quiz where they hold real value.

If you ace it:
Save all those skips for this moment, and you’ll be rewarded with a screen proclaiming “Complete!” surrounded by stars and decorations, featuring a golden trophy declaring “UR WINNAR!” You’ll feel the pride, the joy, and the victory!

Some Fun Facts:
– The trophy’s message “UR WINNAR!” could be a nod to the infamous game, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.
– The game’s pretty sneaky; it never lets you in on the true purpose of the skips. They’re thought to be free passes for tough questions, some even unskippable.
– Future games clarify the use of skips in their “Instructions,” letting players use them freely, though at the expense of a lower grade.
– Even after winning, hitting ‘Tab’ on the Completion screen can still get you a Game Over!

Final Thoughts:
Remember, keep those skips untouched till the end, follow the on-screen instructions, and bask in the glory of conquering The Impossible Quiz! Keep your spirits high and your clicks accurate. Happy quizzing!

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