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The Impossible Quiz is a flash game, which you can experience on your browser. Quiz Game has simple graphics, it’s easy to play & perfectly suitable for children among with teenagers.

About The Impossible Quiz Game


The Impossible Quiz is one of the hardest quizzes on the Internet. Answer all the questions and win! Is it that simple? Or is it not? Check the impossible quiz yourself. Need carefully concentrate on question first, else game wouldn’t mercy you. You have three lives and you need them.

Give your best shot to beat to the impossible quiz. The quiz game is really almost impossible. Some of the answers may look alogical and strange for somebody or same answers may make funny sense for others.

In this game, you’ll have to face incredibly hard questions that will really challenge you. These questions are anything. They are very difficult and require you to use logic to solve them. Probably some special questions will be a nightmare for you.

Impossible Quiz Gameplay


At the start of the game, you will have 3 lives and each question will have 4 answers. Impossible Quiz Game is honest against you. There always exist right answer in every single question. Use your chance to think more exactly to answer correctly. Try to answer as many correct questions as you can.

the impossible quiz game

The rules are simple: you’re given three lives, and you’ll lose one with every mistake you make. Losing all lives will cause a Game Over. You must beat all 110 questions of the game in a single take, no checkpoints in-between. Along game progress, you will receive Skips, green arrow-shaped Power-ups. With arrows you get opportunity to skip hardest questions, which is breaking your mind.

Something else the player must keep in mind throughout the Quiz is that the player must keep his/her fingers away from the TAB key. In Flash files, the Tab key can be used to highlight the clickable objects on screen at any point of a game; Numerous of these questions pull some trick against player, pressing Tab key was absolutely prohibited for the entirety of the play through.

Game Tips And Tricks


Controls in The Impossible Quiz are really simple. You just need to use mouse to play the game and Click the right answer out the of the four options. You have three lives. If you fail, try again. You can play this game in full screen mode. 

You are able to control sound on/off on the Return Man 3 game screen. If you encounter an impossible question, use Skips or Bombs to pass it. There are a few questions that you can answer it by clicking on the objects in the game screen.

Impossible quiz game contains over 100 questions. Including classic originals, unique touch screen solutions, achievements, leader-boards, game audio-video recording, available Extra Lives and Continues, Facebook integration and a cat named Chris.

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Go ahead. Try it. We dare you. Warning: May cause increase in blood pressure, involuntary outbursts, and fits of rage. It’s not the “difficult quiz”. It’s not the “really hard quiz”. It’s THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ GAME ! The internet sensation with over 50 million plays is now available in your pocket, anywhere! Take your chance and let’s see if you can win Tunnel Rush Game?!