Play The Impossible Quiz 2

About The Impossible Quiz 2 Game:


The Impossible Quiz 2 is one of the most entertaining and mind wrecking 2048 cupcakes game . Game is all about quizzes that’s are impossible, the answer might not make sense(to someone at least) but guess what they do ! this game requires special mind and thinking outside of box to complete, before start game you might want to check how good is your memory, During game be sure to memories your answers, because u only get three lives each turn and if you use all your lives you have to start from the beginning. The answers and questions are same so this is why your memory is key to succeed in The Impossible Quiz 2 .



You have to beat the quiz by answering all of the questions. Its simple as that! (Just kidding) In the Impossible Quiz 2 questions are far from easy, some of them require knowledge and some great logic. I know its hard but is it impossible? Through the tunnel Rush game you have three lives, if you answer question incorrect u lose one.

Tips To Use During Impossible Quiz 2 game:


Skip- if you complete abcya duck life 4 certain number of questions correctly, you will be awarded with SKIP!!! In The Impossible Quiz 2 SKIP lets u skip a question if you are finding it too difficult (be aware kids, use SKIP button wisely, questions might trick you.) there are 7 to be earned. A questions few at the same time cannot be skipped, and must be answered.

Guess What In The Impossible Quiz you have BOMBS! Yes you heard me BOMBS cool right, they come with the trick, Bomb questions are timed. It will test how fast are you reflexes and you mind, you have until the bomb detonates to complete the question, otherwise I have really, really bad news for Return Man its GAME OVER.  The time limits 10 seconds to and evil 1 second. Yeah yeah I know its not fear but think about benefits u can push you brain to the limits.

How to Play the Impossible Quiz?


—> Use mouse to play in this game.

What else can I add except good luck and use you brain and don’t forget main key is your MEMORY. For further questions and complications contact us! Have fun.