The Impossible Quiz Book

The Impossible Quiz Book is the third part of the successful game series. It’s the sequel to the 2007 games The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2, and it was released in 3 different parts in different years.

The Impossible Quiz Book was originally a single Flash game with 150 questions. However, Splapp-Me-do released it as three games of 50 questions each to better differentiate their themes. The first chapter mimics the classic Impossible Quiz theme and is themed around impossible logic puzzles.

The Impossible Quiz Book has the same format as the previous games throughout all three chapters. You have five lives and have to finish the game in a single take, just like the predecessors. For each question you clear, the next one becomes more challenging and harder. Every mistake that you make costs you a life.

Some questions have time-ticking bombs, which means that if you fail to answer correctly, you don’t lose a life; you lose the game. This, of course, is something all you experienced. Impossible Quiz players will recognize from previous games.

Other returning features are Skips which allows you to skip a level, and Fusestoppers, which will enable you to diffuse the time-ticking bombs. There is also a new Power-up called the Lifebuoy, which protects you from losing just one life.

What makes the game unique in compliance with the prequels is that the Book includes a plot that consists of the characters: a Spatulon called Norman, Chris, and Phlovomites. You will also quickly notice that the visuals are improved, the background changes, and the game has a more consistent feel.

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