The Impossible Quiz Demo

The original version of The Impossible Quiz was called The Impossible Quiz Demo. It was released on 14 December 2004 on Splapp-me-do’s DeviantArt page.

In the Demo of The Impossible Quiz, there are only 30 questions. Each question has 4 different potential answers, with some answers slightly more tricky than others. If a user selects an answer that is not actually the correct answer, they automatically lose the game. The game does not have a life system, meaning you immediately lose by choosing the wrong answer.

The music used in the Quiz demo is from the game “Boombots” on Playstation and can be found in the bonus video of the game. It is also found in “The Impossible Quiz” as the main menu music.

The questions from the Impossible Quiz Demo have been referenced in almost all of the Impossible Quiz games. Many of the questions found in the demo game have been reused in the other games.

Background The Impossible Quiz Demo

Roughly three years before releasing the full version of The Impossible Quiz, Splapp had initially worked on the game as a project for a website a few friends of his were making back in college. This short Demo was meant to be a teaser featured on the site.

After release, Splapp started work on an extended edition of the game, which he would call “The Impossible Quiz Beta.” This game would contain 10 new questions that players would find after finishing the 30 in the Demo. They also contemplated adding checkpoints.

In 2006, Splapp dropped the Beta-version he was working on. He lost interest in it until two years later when he picked it back up and made a full version called The Impossible Quiz, which was released in 2007.

Fun facts about the Demo

Many of the Demo’s questions are present in the full version of The Impossible Quiz. Some of the questions from that Demo were also reused in The Impossible Quiz 2.

Depending on the question you get wrong, different messages will be displayed.

In The Impossible Quiz 2, you also get a random question from the Demo. This is shown exactly like it is here, with all of its look, options and answers.

Question 107 of The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 says: “Oh God… what year is it?” following a style reminiscent of the one used in this game. The correct answer was 2004, when the Demo was initially released. This question’s background is different, beige with cracks and time scars.

The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough and Answers

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