Play The Impossible Quiz Unblocked


About The Impossible Quiz Unblocked Game:


The Impossible Quiz Unblocked is sequel of The Impossible Quiz Game. Impossible Quiz is nerve wracking and mind blowing second round. With more frustrating and mind blowing questions with in it. In this game like previous one you have to think outside if the box and use your memory. Hope u did not forget about the key of the game is MEMORY. That’s right if you are new let me repeat one more tame some online game rules.

In process of the game be sure to memories your answers, remember you only get three lives. Each turn and if you use all your lives you have to start from the beginning. The answers and questions are same! It’s why your mind is the secret key to succeed in The Impossible Quiz Unblocked.



In The Impossible Quiz Unblocked rules are simple! Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the questions. Some of questions might sound easy, don’t get questions and game trick you, use your logic to identify them.

Only logic and luck won’t work in the game! Your requirements is quick reflexes, mad mouse skills and some good memory length. If it’s your first time playing I would recommend first play original – The Impossible quiz. Most of the questions are multiple choices.



BOMBS, yes in The Impossible Quiz you have bombs, well congrats now you know how your nightmare looks like. If you see a bomb in the top right hand corner realize, that u have to use all your luck, mind, memory & reflexes at same time, it’s important to act fast.

After timer reaches zero Game OVER! Yep game over, and you have to start from all the way beginning. You have only 15 second to act as fast as u can, good luck with that. SKIPS- YeAH yes you get skips after you answer certain number of questions correctly. In The Impossible Quiz Unblocked you have 3 SKIPs to collect.

FUSESTOPPERS- that’s the new one, Brand spanking new to the Impossible Quiz Unblocked! Play thoughtfully, lazy bugger sleeping deeply, smell of bomb will awake them. Don’t forget they are lazy and can’t be arced to wake up on some questions.

What else can I say good luck and have fun playing Return Man 2 game online. With other questions and complications contact us!!